Friday, October 28, 2016

#FaceMyBeauty Part II

Images by: Debbie Markham

Yesterday I introduced you to the amazing organization Changing the Face of Beauty and the important work they are doing for people with disabilities in advertising. Read it HERE

Today I wanted to explore what the campaign means to me as a WOMAN.

The #FaceMyBeauty Campaign is amazing, bringing attention to the much needed representation and acceptance of people of all abilities in advertising.

When Katie first launched her video it made me think about all the resistance women have to face themselves without judgment, as is in this particular moment. It is difficult to look at yourself with acceptance and resist the urge to dream about yourself 10 pounds from now, your next social media filter you can use or more money from now and how much  better you will "look and feel". We all know it is bullshit yet it is still hard to face yourself, perceived flaws and all and accept who you are and what you look like this moment.

I took images with my son Blake who has Down Syndrome in an effort to start a discussion about this campaign and realized that it isn't just about people who have perceived disabilities.

I can tell you that I've been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and am literally wearing it in these photos. My battles with self esteem and body image have been hard won and sometimes is still a work in progress. I have survived abusive relationships, countless heart breaking names, labels, betrayals and experiences and you can too! The road to becoming better instead of bitter begins with facing all of the negative and CHOOSING to move forward in a positive manner. I did it by converting my pain into power.

Necklace: Lydell NYC / Shoes SJP Collection "Carrie" / T-shirt: CTFOB

I decided to FACE MY OWN BEAUTY and remove all I did to "enhance" or "conceal" myself and removed my makeup. Below is one of the videos I shared on my instagram story.

I removed my makeup and chose to face my beauty in a natural way. 

What I am:
I am 37
I am a mother of 2 (plus 2 step-kids)
I am an "Ability Parent" to a son with Special Needs
I am Tried
I am curvy
I am happy
I am authentic
I am confident
I am Facing my beauty

What I am not:
I am not a sample size
I am not bag, dark circle or line free
I am not ashamed
I am not in my 20's
I am not wanting to be younger
I am not afraid to Face My Beauty.

Are you?

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Love, Lisa

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