Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness: Kristin's Story Part II

MAU: Hanna Fisher

I couldn't possibly share this amazing woman's story in one blog. This is Part II of Kristin's journey from battling Breast Cancer to her road to recovery. Kristin has been so inspiring to me and what an amazing way to celebrate her end of chemotherapy treatment than with a styled pictorial showcasing her beauty - both external and internal. If you missed the first Part read is HERE

There is a lot more to recovery than the physical healing of incisions. Kristin told me what she has been doing to heal herself, and what she would tell others who have received a diagnosis, "You’re not alone! Be careful doing searches on Internet. We are really fortunate to have so many helpful resources in this town. For example, Wellness Kitchen in Templeton I get bone broth and healing tea quite often. There is pick up location in San Luis Obispo.

 No sugar or processed foods! Sugar feeds cancer 

I take several supplements to keep my immune system and overall support.  I Know you are thinking that must be so expensive and the answer is YES. But I think it is worth every penny. If you can't afford it at least take Vitamin c, d . Mushrooms are great for immune support. I started with Turkey tail and since then moved on to Mitake and now Shitake (Host Defense Brand).  Consult with a Naturopath doctor first. I feel fortune to have best of both worlds. I have a regular oncologist Dr. Dicarlo and Dr. Hedi Lucas my integrated naturopthic oncologist.

Please check out Kristin'a GoFundMe Page if you are able to help out!

Kristin explains how your contributions are helping her with her health; 

" I went back and fourth on the derision of doing radiation . After many visits to radiation oncologist with many questions . I decided to not move forward with radiation . Just never had a 100% peace and my gut was telling me it was more harm then good . With that said decided to go an alternative route and work with a nutritionist . On a very strict diet and as he works on re-booting my body . I buy all my fruits and veggies at local farmers market . We are so blessed to have one every day of the week in different towns near by . Usually I attend sat in Templeton and wed. In Atascadero . Currently on a plant based diet with fish and chicken . My nutritionist has me on intestinal cleanse , then gall bladder cleanse , kidney , liver ...... This is to purge the toxins out of my body and keep me healthy ! Also juicing twice a day . So as you can imagine it's very time consuming and costly to work with a nutritionist . I am feeling better and feel this strict regiment is with it ."

Her words of wisdom:
"Stay Positive: Your mind plays a huge part in your mood. Yes there will be good days and bad days. Feel blessed to have had more good days than bad days.

Allow help: Everyone has different ways of showing they care and helping.

Keep moving: I think the biggest reason was so strong through treatment and surgery is a great team of support but also private Pilate lessons at the house. I also try to walk at least 30 min a day and eat really clean.  

I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the project and to have connected with Kristin. I am so thankful for her courage to share her story as it may save a woman's life. Share what you have learned with your sisters, we need to support one another. As women we have an amazing opportunity to educate,  empower and inspire each other and lift each other up by sharing our truth and experiences. Take the opportunity to speak to your friends, colleagues, family and strangers about early detection, self examination and overall health this month and beyond.


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