Monday, October 10, 2016


The news recently broke about the new SJP LBD (Sarah Jessica Parker Little Black Dress) collection coming to Bloomingdales and your  LBB/MBB/BBB - Little, Medium, or Big Brown Bag this spring.

One dress was released early to kick off the collection that will consist of  a collection of re-imagined timeless Little Black Dresses. 

Fittingly the first offering is called "Title", a new take on the iconic white tu tu and pink tank combo her famous character of Carrie Bradshaw wore in the opening title sequence of Sex and The City for its 6 season run.

We were first introduced to "Carrie" in this white vintage tutu that stylist Patricia Field procured at a thrift store in New York and it really set the style tone for this character. It re-appeared when Carrie was cleaning out her closet in the first SATC film as she celebrates the parts of her past she will 'keep'. And far right the real deal SJP in the new Title dress that could also be your for $395 and if you are a size 0-12. BUY IT HERE

Jersey Top with layered tulle.

When I first realized I would have to sit this dance out, because I am not a size 0-12 I became reflective. I also read a few articles along with the comments about women over a size 12 sad, hurt, and angry that they were not thought of or included in this collection. I thought about the business of fashion, design, sales, target markets, etc. 

I have to say that I will be cheering on the sidelines for the success of this collection and all others who do not cater to women of all sizes. I have realized that not all designers choose to design from an inclusive perspective and not all buyers are interested in selling to certain clientele. I also realized that there are some that do, so anyone over a size 12 can shop there. 

The little black dress has been a style staple since the 1926's when CoCo Chanel introduced the world to her version in VOGUE.  The color black an dresses have a history before Mademoiselle Chanel but she has been credited for bringing it to the style masses. Since then in has morphed into so many versions, fabrications, shapes and sizes. There IS something out there for everyone, don't worry ladies.

I am excited to see SJP's collection evolve and all of the offerings to come. I suspect this dress will make it onto the Bloomingdale's racks soon. I love the simplicity of the design,  full skirt and pockets!! The styling possibilities are truly endless with LBD's!

Will you shop the collection? 

Fear not ladies if you cannot access this collection you can always buy the amazing shoes via SJP Collection! There is truly something for everyone there. I am waiting on some resort sparkle to make my next purchase(s)! 

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