Thursday, October 27, 2016

#FaceMyBeauty Part 1

This hashtag says it all, #FaceMyBeauty and to me it says it is high time society gets real and faces the beauty of all of its members and not the select air brushed few.
My friend and fellow Ability Parent Katie Driscoll created a non-profit organization called Changing the Face of Beauty who  (CTFOB) is committed to equal representation of people with disabilities in advertising. 

Katie and I met when your babies and their designer genes were the inspirations behind Tori Spelling's Little Maven clothing campaign's Holiday Lookbook in 2013. 

I have watched her idea of fighting for inclusively for people with disabilities in advertising evolve into a fabulous non-profit and now into this amazing #FaceMyBeauty campaign!

Our definition of beauty is so narrow as represented by advertisers current choice of models. It is my belief (and Katie's) that there is room for EVERYONE just as there is something truly beautiful about everyone. My son Blake who has Down Syndrome is no exception. I would love to see his community represented more in advertising and all other communities of people with disabilities. My goal as an advocate and parent is to celebrate differences and not the generic 'sameness' that I see all too often in our society. 

DID YOU KNOW: Less than 1% of the approximate 125 million companies in the world represent people with disabilities in their advertising.

Time for a change.

How can we get there?

1) Reach out to companies and ask them to represent everyone in their advertising and/or partner with CTFOB

2) Make a Donation / Buy a T-shirt and represent!

3) Host /Sponsor a head shot clinic in your city/town ($3-$6,000)

4) Engage with the disability community to join the conversation when discussing diversity. Advertising is an important area.

5) SHARE - Links, Videos, This Blog on your social media and introduce CTFOB with your social media circle.

6) LIKE them on FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - TWITTER - Share their posts and interact.

Blake and I stand with CTFOB and the #FaceMyBeauty Campaign!

 The movement to me also is very applicable to women of all ages, sizes, shapes and races. Tomorrow I will explore the ramifications to women and self esteem as we deny, hide or cover up our Beauty!

Time to FACE IT ladies!

Let's ASK the company RADIO FLYER, Are you ready to Change The Face Of Beauty with us?
Children of ALL abilities should be represented enjoying their products, like Blake.

Who's ready to #FACEMYBEAUTY?

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