Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mad As A Hatter

Illustration from Lewis Carroll Novel: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Every time I open my social media or look at the Internet there is a celebration going on. It is International Teacher's Day, Doughnut Day, Cat Day and today it is MAD HATTER DAY! 

I had no idea there was such a day but I will celebrate not only by wearing a fabulous hat but by sharing images from my family's 2013 Christmas Card photo shoot. It is also TBT online or "Throwback Thursday" so it's a perfect time to take a trip down photo memory lane.

Mad Hatter Day is celebrated on October 6th because his top hat, originally in the books illustrations as a card labelled "In This Style 10/6". It has been carried on as a symbol through Disney's adaptation in traditional animation form (1951) and the Tim Burton Film in 2010.

This day 10/6 is also six months after April Fools day which is the first silly holiday of the year! who knew?

Louis Carroll Novel Illustration

Disney: Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter

Johnny Depp at the Hatter in the Tim Burton Film

My husband assumed the roll of the Mad Hatter for our photo shoot and brought this wacky character to life in the most amazing way! 

Images by: Tamara Wickstrom
Wardrobe/Styling/Set Design/Concept: Lisa Graystone

Daddy Hatter

There were so many amazing images from this day! Our family enjoyed the shoot so much. See details on the shoot and more images HERE

How will you celebrate Mad Hatter Day?

Some Evolution Vintage Hatter Style Offerings:

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