Thursday, February 26, 2015

Selfie-Absorbed: No Shame In My Game

 Top: Vincent Vangogh, Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun
Bottom: Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo

I laugh when I read articles about "studies" that suggest people who take "selfies" AKA Photos of themselves are narcissistic and exhibit psychopathic characteristic like lacking empathy. See an example of such an article here, recently published by the Huffington Post. 

It is a sign of our times and another form of self expression to me. It is not to blame on the narcissists of the world or on the iPhone either. I remember taking "selfies" with friends on a camera with film long before the Iphone when there was not another person available to take our photo. I don't feel that it is narcissistic to want to capture moments with our friends and family or those we experience ourselves. If selfies are "selfish" why not question any image taken with you in it? that family photo from last Christmas, you dare not display unless you are behind the camera. Give me a fucking break! People have WAY too much time on their hands to criticize, I have very little time so snapping a selfie is a perfect photographic solution for me. 

Selfie's are this generation's lazy alternative to the self portrait. It is so quick and easy to snap a selfie when there is no alternative photographer to take the picture or a great way of sharing YOU, your outfit, makeup, location, friends, experiences and the like. The art of portraiture and documentation of life have been part of our cultural landscape since the Ancient Egyptians but self-portraiture a more recognized genre in Renaissance Times (15th century). According ti Wiki, Portrait of a Man in a Turban by Jan van Eyck of 1433 may well be the earliest known panel self-portrait.

Israhel van Meckenem, Self-portrait and Wife, an engraving
Germany, signed, around AD 1490

Selfie of my Daughter and I - 2014.

One of my personal favorite self-portrait artists, Frida Kahlo spent the majority of her life painting images of herself that continue to delight today.
 The Two Fridas/Los Dos Fridas 1939. Oil on canvas 67" x 67".

The Three Fab's /Los Tres Fab - Friend Selfie. 2015. Iphone. 

Recently there was an entire movement of women taking 'selfies' and nominating others to do so sans makeup to make a statement of solidarity against cancer and to raise awareness for breast cancer. Lacking empathy? self absorbed? I think not.

Thanks to the makeup maven and cultural chameleon Rose Shock for this post yesterday:

"For some reason there are plenty of people who think selfies are self-absorbed and look down on people who post a lot of pictures of their face. It's stupid, because we all should proudly post selfies and never be ashamed to do so! Think your hair looks good today? Post a selfie! Think your eyeliner is on point? Take a selfie! Nailed your outfit today? Take a selfie! Having a good time with your friends? Take a selfie together! I personally love faces. All kinds! I love seeing all amazing people here sharing their style with the world and also giving inspiration by posting their pictures. Need inspiration? Just open Instagram! Feel like nothing looks good on you? Well look at that fine as fuck selfie you took last week and realize you are amazing!  ‪#‎selfiecelebration‬

Of course I RSVP'ed with a recent selfie moment. Thanks Rose Shock for reminding me to show my face!

Why NOT snap a digital self portrait and celebrate yourself? You don't want to be regarded as selfie-absorbed? then don't do it, just don't judge others for taking a snap. We all should be seen in what we deem the best light possible and against the standard that we alone set for ourselves, society at large be damned. Having a GOOD self concept, caring for yourself and wanting to express and share your life does not make you a narcissist, psychopath, self absorbed or selfish.  Carry on with your fab selfies and be sure to SHARE!

There is NO SHAME in my selfie game. 

You get the picture ....

and I even SHOEfie ...

Wearing SJP "Daphne" & "Fawn"

What say you on the Selfie? Are you as Selfie-Absorbed as me?

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