Tuesday, January 6, 2015

HATspiration: Ali MacGraw

Actress Ali MacGraw is known for her roles in the films  "Love Story,""Goodbye Columbus," and "The Getaway"  but this Style Maven had a career in fashion first. She worked at Harpers Bazaar under Diana Vreeland for six years and was referred to by DV as "girl". A position I completely fantasize having no matter how tough Mrs. Vreeland was. I like to believe that the inspiration one would obtain being in her orbit would eclipse all else. This girl tosses 'tude back to DV too and went on to become a style icon and actress. She was also a model and a stylist for a time previous to her acting career.
Her look represents a fabulous fusion of bohemian-prep for me for day and glamour goddess at night. A classic and chic American style sensability. Likely a muse of the likes of Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, two great American sportswear designers. I speculate here but all the masters have muses and she is certainly muse-worthy.
She is providing our HATspiration for today. I love that she had a penchant for hats, turbans, hair pieces and hair scarves. A gal after my own heart. her personal style requires an entirely separate blog to highlight.

She takes the knit cap, skull-cap, beanie to a whole other level.


Wraps, Turbans, Scarves, Fur, Feathers and more ...

Where do you get your HATspiration?

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