Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grab Your Piece of the PIE

Photograph by Chris Woods

PIE Magazine is an affordable luxury lifestyle publication available three times each year and marketed as a book-a-zine in Canada. It is intended to be a collectors item with it's content that is un-dated and/or un-seasoned. The magazine is a gift to the reader and encompasses a wide range of topics; Style, Design, Art, Music, Photography, Travel, Finance and Culinary delights.

I was so thrilled to be able to contribute to PART 5, featuring Hugh Hefner.

My personal image

I had the privileged of sitting beside this iconic couch and interviewing Mr. Hefner for over 30 minutes. He was a charming and intelligent man. We discussed the lesser know aspects of his life and career. I am pleased that his feature and interview will be a tool to learn about his iconic and infuential life. My piece is entitled, Hugh Hefner: Publisher, Pioneer, Inspiration and Dreamer.

 It was also a very interesting experience to visit the Playboy mansion 8 months pregnant with my son.
Image: Chris Woods

In the pages of this issue I have also written an Elizabeth Taylor memorial piece.

And I had the pleasure of interviewing award winning costume designer Janie Bryant once again for PIE, regarding her work on the hit show Mad Men.

See Janie's interview for this blog HERE

The Bookazine is full of great content, stories and photographs.


  1. GREAT JOB LISA !!!!! The Book-o-Zine looks FAB

  2. Way to go Lisa!!! Woot Woot. Job well done cuz :) XO