Friday, October 26, 2012

Mouthy Treats

I recently was pressed to find an easy but fabulous treat for my daughters Pre-School class with a Halloween theme since we are so close to the day of costumes and sugar coma's. I decided on these mouthy treats I saw on-line somewhere and gave them a shot. Fear not mom's there are also 2 healthy alternative's to this mouthy masterpiece with just fruits and nuts you can see pictured HERE

What you need:
*Mini Marshmallows
*Almond Slivers
*Red Icing

What I Did:
 1) Lay the cookies out on a piece of wax paper and cut in the center

2) Line the edges with red icing as well as a small dot on the opposite side (this will secure the marshmallow that will hold the mouth up - see image below)

 3) Add your marshmallow teeth - you can fill the line or leave gaps for an extra spooky effect.

4) Mount the top cookie on pressing gently so it adheres to the red icing.

 *Optional - Helper!

5) Add the Almond "fangs" - I stuck them in the icing on the top of the "bloody gums"

6) EAT & Enjoy your SPOOKtacular treat!


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