Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DECADES: A Century of Fashion

As you ALL know I have a love and a true respect for fashion's past.  There is the most AMAZING and decadent book now available from Vintage clothing aficionado and owner of DECADES in LA, Cameron Silver. DECADES ~ A Century of Fashion is the newest edition to my fashion library, FULL of AMAZING images and information.  He rock's red carpets all over the globe with his unique looks, dresses the fashion forward woman in frocks from days gone by and has now is offering the fashion focused a guided tour of fashion through the DECADES.

Cameron in his boutique - Decades, LA

His boutique DECADES has elevated the profile of Vintage clothing and clothing that has had a previous life. The unique styles of days gone by can be both CHIC and current, Cameron has spent the last 15 years proving this to be fact.

His personal style aesthetic is what I call fashion fearless which I love and respect! He is a male style maven who does not dress within the confines of trends or follow the fashion herd.

I had a fabulous opportunity to ask Cameron a few things about fashion and was pleased to discover a few things we have in common; our mission to RE-Style fashion's past current, our FAV era and our feelings about "used" clothing.

LG: What is your Favorite DECADE in Fashion and why? 

CS: I am partial to the 1970s as I have always wished I were a Studio 54 figure back in the hedonistic disco days.

LG:  Many women do not see the value of Fashion's Past, how do you address this? 

CS: A few minutes with me and a virgin vintage shopper will understand the value of fashion and I can certainly show how clothes are selling for large sums at auctions in addition to the price increases at Decades.

LG: Sadly for some there is still a "stigma" of clothing that has had a previous life (aka: Used), what would you say to women who still shy away from previously loved clothing?  

CS: Most likely when shopping at BGs or Barneys and trying on clothes, someone else tried them on before you….that goes for shoes, too!  I just say get over it and we have everything dry cleaned.  Besides the clothes at Decades have particularly excellent and sexy karma!

LG: Who is your FAV designer from any decade?

CS: That’s a loaded question.  May have to take the fifth on it as I am democratic in my love of past fashion.

LG: If you could give women one piece of STYLE advice regarding Re-Styling Fashion's Past Current, what would it be?

CS: Make it look modern.

LG: Please share your favorite piece that currently is available in DECADES and tell it's story.

CS: It is hard to choose one piece, but I am pretty mad about this Eisa by Balenciaga which was flown to us from Spain where a lovely dealer not only procured the beautiful cherry red dress, but also was able to research it, too!

The book is now available just in time for gift giving season (it will be a welcome edition to my blog's gift guide this year). A true treasure for anyone interested in fashion. A guide through what designers and looks defined each decade. 

Connect with DECADES:

Image: Douglas Friedman

Visit the store: 8214 Melrose Ave.Los AngelesCA.

Reach out to Cameron:

What's your FAV Decade in Fashion?

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