Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gilver Gorgeous: Vegas Style

The Flamingo Casino, Las Vegas 1960's

Have you ever had or saw a garment that immediately transported you to another place, time, country or scenario? It happens to me all the time, especially with Vintage pieces. This piece in particular always makes me think of 1960's Las Vegas! 

This gilver (Gold/Silver) 1960's Metallic threaded, brocade mini is the essence of Vintage Vegas (see image below). It reminded me of something Sharon Stone's character in CASINO would have worn, or any lady about town in that time period. 

Sharon Stone, CASINO

1960's Riveara Casino, Las Vegas.

Women dressed for everything which included cocktails and time a the Vegas tables hoping lady luck was part of her chic entourage for the evening.

You can now have this moment and be 'Gilver Gorgeous' via Evolution Vintage.

Fabric close up

COTY Makeup Ad 1967 (Gold/Silver)

Jan VOGUE 1967 Hair/Makeup in Gilver


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