Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Never Forgotten: Gianni Versace

Seventeen years ago today fashions brightest light was brutally extinguished. It was because of  Gianni Versace that I fell into my life long love affair with Fashion. What remains is an amazing legacy of bold, unique, designs and a giant gaping hole in the industry. He will always remain an inspiration to me.

I still remember where I was when I got the news. I didn't want to believe it and I still don't. Seventeen years later I look back at the child I was, so enamoured with this man's vision for women and liberating them through garments that were way ahead of their time. Garments that the house of Versace continues to make a gallant attempt at emulating but never quite hits the same mark. He was a genius, icon and will always be an muse to me. 

I can't help but believing that the style and fashion landscape would be a different place if Gianni were still here. I long for the day's where the supermodels reigned supreme and the celebrities only occupied the front rows at fashion shows, not the magazine covers. He created the supermodel, the spectacle that we now know as fashion shows and presentations with his over the top cast, music, orchestration and front row. From his mother's dress shop in Southern Italy (Reggio di Calabria) he was THE trailblazer to the celebrity, the supermodel, unique textiles and glamour that was so bad it was way too good.

Image: Helmut Newton

Gianni had an attitude in the business I wish more designers and successful people in general would replicate; There is room for everyone. He would give "unknown" creative's (like Brian Atwood, Todd Oldham, etc..) opportunities that they never otherwise would have received. His pursuit was beauty and expression. He never wanted to stop learning, experiencing and growing from all corners of the world and culture.

In the wise words of Mr. Versace, "Beauty will save the world"

And he is still right.


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