Saturday, September 22, 2012

Song Saturday: Storm of Nails

My Glammer AKA Glam Hammer and an Image of Frida Kahlo

It's ALWAYS something. If I had a penny for every time this statement rang true. Everyone's "storms", "shit", "stuff" comes in different forms and to various degrees but make no mistake it comes .. for EVERYONE. This is one of the reasons music, well good music, holds up a mirror to life and at times in universally applicable.  For instance the track "Storm of Nails" written and performed by Singer/Songwriter Lisa Marie Presley. I love this song because it is a witty verbal reflection and clever metaphor to life. What is it now, again if I had a damn penny ....

I wish life came complete with a forecast. I am equipped with an arsenal of "hammers" that I have gathered and earned over the years but it would be nice to know when to expect the nails.

Thanks again Lisa for putting it all out there and lyrically holding up that mirror in your organic, non contrived way.

I'm ready to throw my stylish hammer down at any moment ... got nails? bring 'em on.

It's been a long highway
Where do I get off and drive away
I'm looking for a sign that should say
When you've had enough, exit this way
If only I were a gopher now 
I'd dig a hole and not come out

And on the forecast for today
A storm of nails headed your way
Man it’s gonna rain, rain, rain
And on my forehead does it say
Unleash all hounds of hell this way
Bite until she’s lame, lame, lame

Too much on my plate
How much will it take before it breaks
I’m looking for a sign that should say
When you get fed up
Throw it this way
If only I were a cat right now meow
I‘d lick a claw 
And go lay back down


What is it now, oh you don’t say 
Better get the hammer out today
What is it now, oh you don’t say



Hear the song (Studio Version)

Lisa LIVE (Grand Ole Opry)

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