Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sole Sister Sunday: Why Shoes?

Shoes: Conde Nast Image. 1941

Why do women LOVE shoes so much? I have sat the entire day pondering this thought. With all of the fabulous fashion confections to choose from MANY still gravitate toward shoes and are forever on the hunt for the perfect shoe. When they find it ... they are onto the next and the hunt continues from season to season.

At the same time I have found women very polarized on the issue.  They either LOOOOVE shoes or could care less and require them only for functional purposes. Not much of a grey area. But during the course of my 'unofficial' Sole Sister Survey there are more LOVERS than functional fabs. I have to say functionality is at the bottom of my list when I am shoe shopping.

Joan Crawford ~ 1940's

After much reflection I came up with the following theory. Women love shoes because it is one "size" that rarely changes, if so the fluctuation is small. Shoe size is a constant when all other variables adjust as we age, have children or change lifestyles. Shoes also can make or break an otherwise fabulous look/outfit. Like the cherry a top the proverbial fashion Sunday.  

When you have that good "shoe experience" you never forget it and like any Sole Sister you keep coming back for more. To me they have transformative properties. You feel taller, adding instant glamour to your gait and of course they are another form of self expression which requires no words.

Carrie Bradshaw - Sex and the City

Shoes are the quickest way for women to achieve instant metamorphosis -Manolo Blahnik

 WHY SHOES? Tell me what you think!

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  1. Amanda F (toronto, canada)October 16, 2012 at 8:51 PM

    AGREED! They're the one thing that you can always count on, no matter your shape or size or how you're feeling. We may not always feel like rocking our skinny jeans, but our favourite go-to pair of shoes never seem to let us down!