Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where Do You Get Your Protein?

 Dan Piraro’s comic strip Bizarro

If I seriously had a nickle for every time I was asked the question, Where do you get your protein? or What do you eat? both as a Vegetarian and now as a Vegan. My husband's reply to the "what do you eat" question is "NUTRITION". Seems simple enough to me.  We eat a plant based diet (NO animal products) and try to eat as little processed food's as possible. Our rule of thumb is if it has more than 5 ingredients we try to steer clear. We also seriously limit our sugar and eat no white/bleached grains (no white sugar, flour, bread, pasta or rice). I LOVE  my lifestyle and when you KNOW better you DO better. My husband is the most physically active and fit men that I know. Being Vegan is the most amazing thing he has done for his health and fitness level. It has certainly motivated me as well. Weight loss was never the goal but a welcomed side effect for both of us.

Our Protein Sources:
*Green Veggies
*Almond Milk
*Peanut Butter / Nut Butter
*Chia Seeds (1 Table Spoon  = 2g)
*Plant Based Protein Powder (we like smoothies with fresh fruit and Almond Milk)

*Whole Grain Bread (We Eat OROWEAT - Health Nut @ 4g per slice)

   My Husband (P.S. He's 44)

I found an interesting VEGAN's story to share, does not look like he is "missing" or "lacking" anything does it?

“When I started the vegetarian diet I knew little about the effect it would have on my performance and strength. The reasons for my decision were mainly based on my empathy for all kinds of non human animals and the mental conflict I felt, when consuming meat, which would mean that an animal would have to lose its life for my appetite. I was amazed by the great 
gains in lean body-mass and strength that I got with the meat-free diet. After winning the German strongman title I was ready to take the next step and switch to a vegan diet.

As a strength athlete I have to make sure that my body gets all three macro-nutrients in feasible amounts. Especially protein is a key factor for the development of the type of body that is needed to endure the gruelling events you have to face as a strongman. My main protein sources are: soy-milk, soy-protein-powder, tofu, nuts and beans. To get the energy I need for my daily training sessions I use carbohydrates out of: rice, potato, oats and lots of fruits and greens and vegetables. I have never been stronger and I have never felt better in my entire life!”

FYI: Patrik currently holds the world log lift record in the 105k-category (165 kg), as well as the German heavyweight loglift record (185 kg) and the title of “Strongest Man of Germany. 

The choice is ALWAYS up to you what you put into your bodies. I think the results speak for themselves. It is all about Education and Preparation. We take a B12 Vitamin and eat a balanced diet. It is important to do your homework and listen to your body! It could be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.


  1. Thank you for this! Great info as I am stepping into the Vegan waters...........

  2. You are very welcome. Much more to come. I learn something new each day and it is a great adventure to Re-Learn everything you thought you knew about health, cooking, nutrition XXO