Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NYFW: My FAV 2 Collections

I LOVE watching the shows live stream from New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in the comfort of my own home, coffee in hand quietly expressing my gratitude to technology from the central coast of California as I see each look make it's way down the catwalk LIVE from New York.

There had to be a few looks for almost every collection I liked. Bits and pieces that I could astoundingly style together from dozens of designers to suit my taste. My 2 stand out shows this year from NYFW were Michael Kors and Rachel Zoe. Are they the same caliber of "designers"? In my opinion, not really but there is something to be said about a stylist turned designer. MK has years of experience and a CFDA lifetime achievement award under his black blazer but Rachel has been able to successfully merge the worlds of styling and design together which does not always work.

What I LOVED: The bold and bright colours. I am obsessed with the primary and jewel tone colours and colour pairings. Fabulous separates (as always), jackets, shoes and BAGS! That yellow bag (see blow) I LOVED. The touches of gold hardware on the bags and belts I adore along side the bold hues. Then the mix of colours with with the crisp white. The stripes were fabulous too! WATCH THE SHOW HERE
I didn't really get the "glasses" that resembled PPE -  Personal Protective Equipment but I have to say they would ROCK any wood or metal shop.

The last look reminds me of this FAB Vintage jumpsuit set recently sold in my eBoutique:


 What I LOVED: I loved the mix of tones deep turquoise and robin egg blues ~ The rust and the oranges. The jumpsuits and the heavy Chanel influences with the black & white looks. The "Gilver" (mix of metallic gold/silver) with a hint of green. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

Her Accessories were my FAV! She's bringin' back the fanny pack in a chic way! A belted waist clutch was the focal point of several of her looks.

 AND the gold tassel chains I adore! 

Can't afford the RZ version? 

Try Vintage!

What were your FAV shows from NYFW?

Stay tuned for my picks from LONDON!

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