Saturday, June 9, 2012

Walk The Plank

Ok ladies we ALL want sexier AB's right?  I worked with a personal trainer for 8 weeks after my daughter Kaleigh Rain was born. One of the workouts subscribed to be for my stomach was THE PLANK 
      It is a great exercise for muscle endurance in your abdominal, back and the stabilizer muscles. 
    There are MANY variations of this exercise but I have recently found my NEW FAV via Celebrity personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette's version works your Abs, Arms, Obliques AND legs. I am a busy MOMpreneur and need to multi-task and save time wherever possible. I LOVE this exercise!

It is now the newest edition to my exercise routine that I have custom tailored to my body shape and goals.

What variation of the PLANK works for you? which ones have you tried? 

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