Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sole Sister Sunday: Adriano Diamante

Every day I awake to new followers on Twitter and marvel at how it has made our world a whole lot smaller and has brought forth some of my most amazing connections.  This is the case with Shoe Designer Adriano Diamante. I noticed her following me on Twitter and I immediately had to check out her site! and to my pure delight it was full of amazing shoes and handbags.  All dripping in Swarovski crystals, sparkle and GLAM.

She is a New York based shoe designer and the Diamante collection is definitely one to behold.  The collection has all the elements I love; the pieces are unique, can be customized, vibrant, bold and STUNNING!

In her own words "In a world where it's easy to shine while walking among the many bright lights, It only those who find a way to shine in the dark, that truly make an everlasting impression. This is my inspiration"

I had an opportunity to chat with Adriano recently about her collection.

The Designer

LG:   Where did your inspiration come from to start designing shoes with Swarovski elements?

AD: I always tell people my inspiration came from the simple desire to have something that did not already exist.  I was in need of a sapphire blue stiletto for an event I was attending last summer. I wanted something that sparkled! After an extensive search for the perfect shoe, with absolutely no luck; I decided to design my own. I went through a lot of sketches before I decided on the British Beauty design.  The first British Beauty was done in Australian crystals, I still have that pair for keepsakes…lol, but the crystals did not quite catch the light as I had envisioned. After visiting the Swarovski in London, I quickly knew the shoe had to be done with Swarovski.

LG: What was your first design? When did you start your creative journey?

AD: My first design was the British Beauty which I designed in April of 2011. Once each one of my designs is sketched; I then digitally create the stone placement on a computer program. A lot goes in to creating an Adriano Diamante shoe. Each sketched is scanned, and then I break it down into Swarovski stones. Each stone placement is extremely important in creating the design. I put a lot of thought into where each stone should be placed to assure the shoe has a continuous flow when the light hits it.

LG: Are the majority of your designs platform heels? Why did you choose this style?

AD: A majority of my designs are done on the closed toe platform because this is a very popular shoe shape. I chose this design because the shoe style gives me plenty of room for my creativity to flow with the Swarovski stones. However, I do offer sport shoes, low wedges and some peep toes when custom ordered. I love love the higher heels. I even offer a 7 inch platform in my collection. However the lower heels are just as fun to design.

LG: Are your shoes made to order? what is the availability?

AD: Yes, my shoes are made to order. Mainly because most of my shoes are purchased for a specific event or dress, so I get a lot of request to change colors in the design. I love for women to feel they have something made specifically with them and their event in mind. I communicate back and forth with each customer assuring the perfect fit and color for their shoe. I carry them through the whole process until the piece is complete. I keep different shoe molds stocked, so once ordered it is just a matter of sketching and digitally creating the stone placement. Once that is done the shoe can be completed in 7 days.

Bridal Collection: The One

LG: Who / What inspires you?

AD:   I take inspiration from everything around me, but mainly nature. I love the mixture of earth tones. A scenic view such as a Dubai sunrise can set off my creativity.  Even smells can inspire me, for example when I smell lavender I run to sketch a design using different tones of purples.

LG: If you could give women one piece of style advice , when it comes to shoes what would it be?

AD: When it comes to picking a shoe always dare to be bold. I love shoes that make a statement. A bold shoe can completely change the look of an outfit, but it can also change the attitude of a person as well.

My 2 FAV's from the collection: The Enchanted Peacock  & British Beauty  (Size 9 please)

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