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Dear Readers,

I have entered a competiton to be the next contributing writer for LUCKY MAGAZINE!! The competition has 5 rounds total and I require VOTES to get me to the next round. This is round 2 of 5! There is onle a day left to VOTE for my second submission! You must take a few minutes to register so your VOTE will count!

Life is all about choices; from what you wear to how you style your hair are a few of the most important choices you will make during the course of your day. We live in a commercial and digital world where all the answers and miracle products are literally at our fingertips. We must choose our path from the daily GRIND to GLAM, taking us from our workday well into the night.

Drab to FAB:
I have an eclectic style sensibility and dress according to my personal mood and not necessarily based on the event or setting. I am a work from home MOMpreneur and on most days’ I am an owner/stylist for an on-line eBOUTIQUE (Evolution Vintage), writer, mother, and domestic diva (which includes but is not limited to: a laundry lass, chef, and house cleaner). I have multiple roles and wear multiple hats on a daily basis. Rarely do I have a full blown yoga pant drab day with my lap top. Let’s face it we all feel like human blotation devices at certain times during the course of the month so those days DO happen. That being said I don’t come to my home office in a 2 piece blazer and pencil skirt either but I am all about mixing the old with the new for fashion-flex comfort. Accessories are the key to my day/night transition.

On a typical day I work in denim or leggings with a fabulous, lightweight top or tunic. My RockNRoll Burnout Style T-shirts (from Evolution Vintage $25) are my go-to tee with jeans and a blazer – Soft, Stylish & CHIC! Maxi dresses are also a recent staple as well as cute vintage day dresses and of course the wrap dress. I love prints and textures and never shy away from color regardless of season. I wear sequins to the grocery store … HELLO! Instant day time GLAM. My accessories run the fashion gamut from vintage jewelry, sequin berets, junk jewels from Forever 21, fedora’s, headscarves, a selection of sunglasses, belts as statement piece necklaces and cocktail rings. You name it; I wear it in my home office, spending time with friends and family and while running my daily errands. Making a transition from day to night is all about the accessories for me and a quick make-up upgrade. I usually have my closet at my fingertips running my business from home but many of you are on the go from the wee hours of the morning. If you are on your way out the door to the office throw a clutch, cocktail ring and statement necklace in your bag as well as a fabulous pair of heels. After work ditch the blazer and briefcase for your colorful clutch and cocktail ring and let your necklace make a statement. Throwing on heels can enhance your entire look by making you feel taller and even changing the way you carry yourself … life is your runway sisters ~ WORK IT!

LOCK IT IN: If I have no time for a blow out in the AM (which is usually the case for me) I throw my wet locks up/back into a sleek chignon or braid. By days end my hair is damp/dry where I take it down and shake it into a fabulously wavy beachy look. I use products from the TRESemme line. Hot rollers have been a go to piece of equipment since the 1990’s for me. They set while I rush around in the morning, dressing, moisturizing, and eating breakfast. I remove, spray, shake and fly out the door (during my corporate days). I now repeat the same steps but in a much slower pace while making the kids breakfast, packing lunch and still SPF-ing. To maintain the curls strategically pin them for day (all up or half up) and let them loose for the evening. Soft curls in long hair for day AND night is still CHIC! Top it off with a cute hat, turban or headscarf (if allowed at your place of business) if not pull it out of your bag of tricks for evening.

DAY: I wear very little make-up during the day. My beauty ritual starts with my Meaningful Beauty Skin Softening Cleanser and Antioxidant Day Crème (SPF 20 – UVA/UVB) – Don’t forget the SPF ladies, we don’t want to work toward looking like a 30 year old leather hand bag do we? YIKES! Can’t justify Cindy’s program? Try a lower priced alternative like Bioré Revitalize 4-in-1 self-foaming cleanser and Olay Complete daily UV moisturizer w SPF 15. I am a gloss girl and use M.A.C. Crème sheen Glass (Try: Boy Bait) or Lip glass (Try: Viva Glam V), Dior Addict Crystal Gloss (047). A fruity flavored lip balm from The Body Shop is a budget friendly alternative for $5! I finish my minimal look with M.A.C Eye shadow (try Dazzlelight) and Lash Stiletto Mascara, in Black from Maybelline New York.

EVE: The evening is a different story, a color story. It does not take long to make your face your canvas and get creative with color. Packing your purse to transition in your cubical for cocktails is simple. Don’t be afraid of COLOR; try a bright blue from Kat Von D’s Beethoven True Romance Eye shadow Palette in “Speed Blue” or a beautiful green from the Ludwig Palette mixing “Orbi” & “Dimebag”. With your Dazzelight base from the morning you are good to go. Add a quick “Cat’s Eye” on top of your lash line with a M.A.C. Fluid line (Blacktrack) $15 using M.A.C angle brush #208 for a vintage-esque touch. Pay lip service to the glimmer gloss and give my FAV’s a spin; Y.S.L. Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss (in Simply Golden $30) or M.A.C. LustreGlass (in Morning Glory - $14.50). Prefer a liner and stick? Try Creamola lip liner ( also from M.A.C. @ $14.50) and one for their MANY lip stick shades, perhaps a classic red lip is another quick way to go into the evening. I use M.A.C Studio Fix pressed powder ($26.50) on my face in the evening as a base and completely shy away from blush. Your natural glow or blush is my preferred method.

NAIL IT: On the days we dash from our workplace to dinner take some time to add some drama on your digits. Try the new dry manicure from Sally Hansen Nail Effects. No fuss, no fumes, no problem. They are the BEST conversation piece. They are nail polish “strips” or “stickers” that you can use to give yourself an instant manicure with no spills or mess of a regular polish which make them totally portable. They come in some fabulous patterns and prints too, let me recommend (350)-Misbehaved in a metallic with fishnet pattern or (230)-Skinny Jeans for a digit denim look. All the tools you need come with the strips and last up to 10 days. Give yourself a hand in 10 minutes for about $9 bucks!

No matter what your occupation, geographical location, budget or style you can take it from the daily GRIND to GLAM with a few easy steps and choices. Embrace the FUN of establishing your beauty routine by sampling or trying out new items and looks. Remember many manufactures or brands offer free samples of their products so take advantage of the offers (in the store or on-line), think outside your cubicles and let your unique beauty SHINE!


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