Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Immortality .... in Pencil

So you can print any photo with the touch of a button now, enlarge, crop, color and "edit" takes you seconds. CLICK, upload, CLICK order and pick up at your local Walmart store.

What about the dying art of portraiture? and the days of putting pencil to paper?

I was honored and surprised recently by being forever immortalized in pencil in all my Vintage splendor by artist and friend Marty Parker. His pin-up artwork was featured by EVOLUTION REVOLUTION recently. See his feature HERE

He chose this photo of me taken by photographer Heather Millenaar April 2011

VINTAGE GIRL (Lisa H) byMarty Parker
11"x14" Pencil on Bristol Board
July 2011

Purchase a Signed, High Quality Art Print of this piece for $150

Want to try something new and be forever immortalized in pencil? or get a unique and personal gift for family or friends?

Commission Marty:

Commissions start at $300, but can be more if the image includes multiple
people. High Quality art prints are available for $150

He requires a good quality (hopefully hi-rez) photo either emailed or an actual copy of a photo mailed if that's available.

Contact Marty:

PAYMENT: check or money order

*Want a print of any of Marty's work??? ~ $150 and can be printed and shipped with a one day turnaround*

Think outside the big box store this coming holiday season, your next birthday or anniversary celebration.

Immortalize someone in pencil!

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