Saturday, December 15, 2018

Meet The Cast: The Grinch

Image by: Kori Savoie
Graphics: Michela Cagliero

The star of our holiday Christmas card: My Husband David, The Grinch!


The Grinch's look from the film is a very recognizable one. After producing the shoot and creating/curating all the costumes for 6 characters plus the set I could not imagine covering my husbands body in Grinchy green hair. I decided to do my own look, swapping the Santa top for pants from a Santa suit borrowed from my friend Roman at Castaways thrift store in Morro Bay, CA and replacing the top with the "Whobilation" sweater. I reused a Santa hat we had from Christmases past.

Jim's costume for the film. 

This white knit sweater with red stripes was something I could not track down to be able to build the other details. I decided to DIY my own using a plain white sweatshirt.

What I used:

Red/Yellow/Green Felt: Michaels
Silver Metallic Puff Paint: Amazon
Small Jingle Bells: Michaels
Red Grosgrain Ribbon: Michaels
Yellow Jewels: Amazon
Tacky Glue: Amazon

*Hot Glue
*Black Sharpie

 I measured by wrapping the ribbon around the sleeve by eye and placed each one approx 1.5" apart.

I used hot glue to affix the jungle bells on, top and bottom of each ribbon.

 I drew a Whoville tree freehand on the green felt and placed it onto the red so I could use it as a stencil.

I cut the star for the tree as well as the letters for the Christmas tree the same way by drawing freehand on the felt with the sharpie.

I used the silver paint to dot the exterior of the star, hearts and inside the letters to simulate the lights on the original costume sweater.

I used the last of the red felt to cut out the HO HO HO's for the trim.

I even decked out the back a little, similar to the back of the original costume.

I purchased Grinch Gloves with the extended fingers. I added the hair to each fingertip with fabric glue.


David spent just over two hours in the makeup chair to apply his Grinch prosthetic appliance , hair , lashes and Grinch rot teeth. Hanna Fisher did an excellent job transforming David.

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