Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Motivation

I had a few discussions about business yesterday; first at lunch with one of my Central Coast BFF's and then via SKYPE with my Cousin/Brother also known as my Brosin. We talked about being entrepreneurs and building our dreams or visions from virtually nothing, just an idea, concept or passion. It made me think of and state the following; "If it was easy everyone would do it" and it is TRUE. I think about this statement when the going get's tough, I get tired or it just can't quite see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel (which is quite often lately).

I think that "it" can be applied far and beyond the daily grind of entrepreneurs but also to life in general. I know MANY people who barely participate in this wild party we refer to as LIFE. Some go through their days on auto pilot, some in a haze of drugs (prescription and/or recreational) and some don't even get out of bed. Life in all of it's forms in not an easy thing to navigate, for ANYONE. We all are equipped with different tools; some we acquire on our own and some we are given. We all have unique challenges or struggles as well . ALL OF US. I feel that much of the reward for participating in life or building your dreams is in just the DO-ing regardless of the outcome. You can always find some pride or satisfaction in knowing that you have given your personal best.

So get up today, grab some Monday Motivation and give whatever you are doing in life your BEST. Choose one thing this week that you have been putting off or have always wanted to do but have not because of the perceived level of difficulty. I can guarantee it will be HARD; but you CAN DO IT!


  1. I may have to print this off and smuggle it on the airplane with me! So true, it's human nature to automatically think of something as being too difficult so why try? When really - if we allow ourselves to look at all towards the future we realize that we'll regret far more of what we don't do than what we do do. Hugs, Krystalyn

  2. Thanks Krystalyn! I hope you continue to read my blog while you are across the pond! You can sign up to get them emailed as well xoxox

  3. Whoa...was this timely or what. Thanks for the "get your butt back in action jackson" slap for the day. Man that was divine! LOVE U!! I SOO needed this...I got this! ;-)