Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cut it out ...

Elizabeth Taylor

For some reason lately many of the items I have been acquiring for my eBOUTIQUE EVOLUTION VINTAGE have had the design element of the subtly sexy "CUT OUT". I love the little glimpses of skin and the contrast it gives to both vintage and contemporary garments. It's sister element the "key hole" is another design element I am seeing alot lately and LOVE!

1960's Cut Outs


Photo: Bert Stern - VOGUE 1960's

This design element also has made it's way back onto the runways in the last few seasons to my delight.

Celeb's are also a Cut Above on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez

Halle Berry

Karina Smirnoff (DWTS Pro Dancer)

The many variations of this design element is what makes it cutting edge. You can place a cut out virtually anywhere to transform a design. My FAV's are shoulder and back cut outs as well as the front keyhole. My lease favourite is the full bare mid drift! YIKES! to me it takes your look from sexy to skanky (even if you have rockin' abs)

I love to see when the past and the future collide in this way, just reinforcing my personal belief that Vintage clothing is CHIC if styled properly.

Girls give a "cut out" or a "key hole" element a try in the the next garment you purchase. It is a great way to subtly sex up your look without revealing too much. Any woman of any shape or size can make the cuts out and the key hole SEXY!



  1. Some great photo finds to show off what is currently in your shop. I love how you put this post together, super! And all the dresses are very lovely.

  2. LOVE all of these looks too. I love the unexpected peeks and the shapes they create. Gorgeous shop finds too.