Saturday, December 3, 2011

Soup's On

Now that there is a chill in the air (even in Southern California) I wanted to share the recipe for a quick and fabulous Vegetarian/Vegan soup that I made one afternoon from item's I thought would taste great together. Thankfully they did!


Bok Choy
Leek (and/or Onion)
Bean Sprouts
Veggie Broth
Frank's Red Hot Sauce
Garlic Clove(s) (and/or powder)

So Simple to make - customize it into a Soup or Stoup - Soup with more broth than veggies or Stoup with more veggies than broth, like a stew/soup=STOUP.

PREP: Wash and chop veggies.

Tip: Let your Leek's swim! - Leeks are a layered root veggie that gathers dirt & grit between the layers. Cut into circles, separate layers and float in water. All the dirt/grit will sink to the bottom of the bowl. Drain and add to the soup. I saute the onions/leeks first with a little olive oil and chopped fresh garlic pieces, then add the bok choy and the spinach last.

In a separate pot I'm creating my broth from bouillon cubes (Vegetable) or you can buy Organic or regular veggie stock in a carton. I add it to the partially sauteed veggies in the large pot.

Cook together adding more garlic chunks or powder to taste. I also add a few splashes of Frank's Red Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce. I like it SPICY!

Let it simmer on the stove as long as you like! it could be ready in a flash or simmer on low all afternoon until you are ready to feast!

It is figure AND animal friendly! ENJOY!


  1. It is GOOD! Give it a try!! xo

  2. Looks awesome! My favourite thing to add to any soup, especially greens soup is parsnips!
    - Amanda F

  3. I like Parsnips too!! xo YUM! enjoy the soup!!