Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Female Evolution: Holiday Edition

We've come a long way baby... I was looking through some Vintage advertisements and it made me think about how much women's roles have changed over the years. Our hopes and dreams are bigger too, but not big enough in my opinion. I still see women who are beautiful, capable, and fabulous still falling into the roles that other people in their lives have for them (namely men but parents, friends, etc.)

We have swapped our Hoovers for iPad's but have we as women really evolved out of the gender specific roles of the past? or have we just piled more onto an already full plate? Maybe it is not the roles that changed just the perception of those roles. I still have to push my "Hoover" around, make dinner, laundry, school drop off, bathing kids, grocery shopping, WORK (building my business), and maintain something that resembles a social life. I help bring home the bacon, cook it in the pan, serve it AND clean up after.

I'm also proud of some women's evolution as mothers into multi-taskin mammas and MOMprenerurs too.

I honestly believe that we can have it all and do it all; it just depends on how much we want it ALL! I also believe that the concept of "balancing" it all is totally deceptive and non existent, created by an over worked woman to give her peers hope of achieving this allusive balance to hold on for one more day and give her the strength to keep going.

I'm thankful for my husband as he picks up some slack with the children, cleaning and other household duties out of pure love as I build my business and multi-task. Maybe we have evolved to share our roles in order to make the full plate palatable?

I wanted to acknowledge how we in today's society have made our full plates functionally FABULOUS!

Take pride ladies on how far we have come, how much we do and how far we can go! This holiday season is one of the busiest as we trim the tree, shop, bake, and entertain on top of our regular daily grind! Take pause this holiday to reflect on everything you have accomplished this year ... and what amazing things await you in 2012

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