Sunday, April 30, 2017

Feamle Power: Catwoman Style

After spending my day at a Visionary Women's conference yesterday I wanted to write about it. The power of women together. The power of women period when the universe gave me a sign. Waiting for me in my inbox was an e-mail from the gorgeous icon Julie Newmar.

Her thoughts on FEMALE POWER. I am compelled to pass her wisdom along to you dear reader.


Consider yourself lucky if you are a female, you plausibly have female

If you haven't developed it, I'll give you a push. Here we go.

To my notice, we females effort less. "It's Instinct," you may say. Yes,
knowing the right moment to ask, to get what you want. We make time useful,
not waste time. 

Women solve dilemmas more quickly than men. We don't over think. We feel the
answer coming. There is such a thing as higher or Infinite Intelligence. You
can access it. Breathing lets it in. Stop rushing and you'll hear it.

There is something egalitarian about female power. A quality female at the
center of an economic enterprise, business or home expands its success. She
lessens the dangers of too much macho folly. We bring equilibrium to any mob
scene, to the fractious political diaspora.

It is easier to be a woman, we take seriously the necessity of a home base.
We are the center, the centrifugal force, the confident vibes, where trust
earns its wings. Additionally, we value simplicity, its wisdom to make
things understood.

Men like to please us, have you noticed? They value themselves more in our
presence. We make them smarter, which balances nature to the benefit of all.

We get to dress up, then undress. We have the plumage, our very fuss and
frivolity is soothing, pacifying. The act of putting on makeup relaxes the
nerves, heightens the senses.

Catwoman always felt superior to Batman. She was smarter. Truthfully, she
had a finer mind. 

To me, it's not about who has first place. These days, I say to myself: You
have to eschew popularity if you want to be the best you can be.
Superiority over others is so yesterday. Would there be a Galileo without
his mother, her talents, cleverness and her unfulfilled dreams?

Females who are in the know will address themselves as beloved, as wholly
adored and loved in the eyes of their maker. This quintessential power to
know who you are dismisses the bankruptcy, the politics of friction paraded
by pseudo kingpins. Fake news is instantly recognized for what it is.

Women are natural engineers, we know how to get more for less. 

In moments of distress, I say to myself: Everything is energy. That leaves
me the choice of choosing solution over mayhem when under pressure. I know
the value of one foot, one brick at a time for building a life, a house or
relationship. Especially with family, I only react to words that reflect the
better intention or motive. Admonishment toward others waits, but is often
discarded. Everything is energy, so choose wisely.

On sexual harassment: short of physical violence, I didn't mind all the
things I was called. I've always enjoyed the underlying intention. In my
twenties, I was once referred to as a "brick shit house." Uh!... Hardly the
worst thing. I looked it up, it means curvaceous, muscular, stacked. Relax
girls, we are the ones who choose. 

I sometimes think I regret that I didn't sleep some of my way to the top.

Drama is a fool's game, stick with comedy. I like 96% comedy, 4% drama.
Laughter un-bottles tension. Better to watch Stephen Colbert than Donald
Trump. Colbert is smarter. 

I live like a cat, seeking where the expensive furniture is. The softest
pillows with the prettiest slip-coverings, the places in the house to curl
up where the sun warms my body all year long.

My kind of female power can't be owned. I may feign enslavement, but I never
let myself be unloved, even by myself, that would not do. 

I rarely argue - I consider. I wait till enough information is in and then
the answer, answers itself. My imagination does tolerate empty space.

Female power does not disagree with a compliment. Compliments shall be
relished, like rich chocolate, like an inside caress. I make time to feel
it, all the way up and down my body. 

Let the world please you. Use your female power. It was set up that way. 

Thank you Julie!

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