Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ariel & Joey's Story

I had the honor of meeting my two friends Ariel & Joey in the most amazing place; in line for a P!NK consert in San Jose, California. We hit it off right away when I fell in love with their T-shirts and then each of them for being so much fun, sweet and kind. We shared the front row at the show and have been friends ever since (Thanks P!NK).
I am so proud of who they are and what they stand for, most importantly Equality and LOVE.
They are now on one of their most important journeys in their lifetimes; The journey to become parents. The adoption process is a very difficult one on so many levels. They have made a commitment to each other, being one of the first same sex couples to be legally married in the State of California (San Fran City Hall 6/17/08).
They are now ready to make the same loving commitment to a child.

After reading the information in their amazing I Heart Adoption Profile I had a chance to chat with Ariel & Joey about their journey.

LISA: What is your message to prospective birthmothers?

A&J: When we set out on the path to start our family, we had no doubt in our minds that open adoption was to be our route of choice. To us, adoption meant more than just bringing home a baby… it meant creating an environment that provided our little one the best opportunity to thrive. We want our child to grow up knowing who they are, knowing where they came from, and to be able to have a relationship with the courageous birthmother who made our dream of starting a family a reality. Open adoption makes all of that possible for us, with no secrets and no questions that can’t be answered. We fully believe that it takes an intense amount of courage, sacrifice, and above all LOVE, for a birthmother to make an adoption plan for their child. Though the process to come to that decision is no doubt a difficult one for any mother, we hope that our commitment to love our (collectively) child unconditionally, be a constant source of support and encouragement, and raise him/her to be open-minded and accepting of others makes the decision just a tad bit easier.

LISA: What do you feel are the most important things a prospective birthmother needs to know about each of you and you both as a couple?

A&J: Ariel is the eternal optimist. He searches for the silver lining in even the darkest of situations, and never lets anyone tell him he can’t do something. He is professional while at work, but isn’t afraid to let his comedic side come to the surface to help lighten the mood. He loves movies, music, and anything pop culture related, and is a big nerd-at-heart. Ariel is good-natured, generous, and a great listener. He will likely to be the one to mischievously sneak a piece of candy to our little one, while Joey watches disapprovingly from across the room, causing a giggle-fest.

Joey is the spontaneous one in the family. While reality (and Ariel) grounds him from time to time, it doesn’t hinder his ability to daydream about the next amazing thing that lies ahead. His love of theatre, music, and the arts will help enrich the life of our future child. He always sees the best in others, and works his hardest to be the best friend a person can have. Joey will likely be the rule enforcer, while Ariel and our son/daughter try to find the loopholes. He’ll provide loving advice and guidance, while encouraging independent thought and the ability to learn from mistakes, rather than never taking a risk.

Together, we make a great team. We finish each others’ sentences, and while we might approach things differently, we are usually on the same page about most everything. We both have amazingly supportive families who we are extremely close to, and have a small circle of friends who mean the world to us. Without a doubt, I can easily say that there is nothing that we’ve wanted more than to become dads. The adoption process has been a huge life lesson in patience, but it is also one of the many goals in life that we don’t have much control over. We know that there is an amazing birthmother out there looking for us just as hard as we are looking for her. We are hoping that by getting the word out about our journey, it might be just enough to help clear the path.

LISA: What are your goals as parents?

A&J: This is an easy one… for our child to grow up happy. Isn’t that what every parent wants?

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Are you a mother who wants the best for their child and has decided to send him/her to a loving home? Could Open Adoption be a possibility?

If so PLEASE contact Ariel & Joey Toll Free: 1-866-261-5338 or via Email:


Contact our counselor at the Independent Adoption Center: 1-800-877-6736 or visit their website

Want to learn more about these AMAZING Soon to be DAD's? Check out their I Heart Adoption Profile

As a mother of two I can honestly say that any child would be lucky to be raised in such a diverse, loving, positive and FUN environment with Ariel, Joey and their extended family and friends!

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  1. Lisa its Margret, you may remember I have adopted a few kids in my life, ...okay almost a dozen. they come in every persuasion, color, and personality and I have loved them all

    the way I entered this long road was thru the foster parent system. you might want to suggest to your friends they look into that.

    whatever path they choose the child that needs them will come to them. They have opened their hearts and minds to that and so it will happen in time. For every day they wait its good to remember they are waiting to be chosen by that one child that really needs them. Its also a good idea NOT to send away what god sends to you. God knows best of all which child needs this couple they need only wait. Sometimes its not the age, gender or fitness you would have wanted to share your life with. But it has always proven to be the test of choices later. I can't tell you how many kids have just made their way to me over the years. I am a go with the flow kind of person and I believe strongly that gods will be done when it comes to souls finding each other at the times they need each other in their lives. Sometimes its only for a while but some are permanent. some dont turn out the way you would have chosen but often they turn the way THEY have chosen.
    A prayer for this generous set of hearts that are willing to share their life and good will with another soul. It is a selfless loving act and they are to be highly commended for it.