Friday, February 10, 2012

Some STERN Words

I am always surprised by people and their reactions. This week there has been some controversy over JC Penny hiring Ellen DeGeneres to be their spokesperson. Apparently an organization called One Million Moms (who have only 42,644 FB Likes but anyway) have a problem with Ellen because she is gay. According to their website, One Million Moms "want our children to have the best chance possible of living in a moral society."

I wonder what their definition of "Moral" is? Is teaching their children to hate, segregate, judge and attack people because of their PERSONAL choices teaching them morals? if people of the same sex have a family (with our without children) how is their love not valid? or the same as heterosexual couples? These groups usually use religion or "God" as an excuse for their ignorant bigotry. I'm not a religious person but I am a spiritual one and from where I sit no matter what "god" you pray too they are all-loving and all-inclusive.

Ellen spoke out about her haters saying "my haters are my motivators" and had THIS message for them:

I am a mother of 2 and a step mother of 2. I feel it is imperative we teach our children tolerance, acceptance, inclusion and LOVE. We ALL have a RIGHT to be EQUAL -men and women, regardless of sexual preference, religious beliefs, skin color, or personal choices. This is not just a gay/lesbian issue but a HUMAN one. The only labels we should be placing on people is a label of LOVE and acceptance. Celebrating differences instead of promoting the generic herd mentality.

I was impressed that Howard Stern had a few STERN words for all of the anti-gay, haters out there. FINALLY he is ranting about something meaningful. LISTEN:

BRAVO to JC Penny for standing behind Ellen! Do you want to stand behind Ellen and all that she stands for?? LIKE This Facebook page: 1 Million People Support Ellen for JC Penny


  1. I agree! Well done JC Penny's, and, as far as Howard Stern, well I am not particularity fond of his show, so I don't watch or listen to it, it is just not for me, but kudos that he supports something meaningful.

  2. I hope you took the time Victoria to listen to his STERN words for the haters in the clip above. I don't listen to his show either but was so happy to share his words this time. It is my hope that he reaches his audience and can make a difference. Always on board to support EQUALITY! and Ellen too!