Saturday, February 4, 2012

FACE IT: Marilyn's Look

Marilyn has the most ICONIC look in popular culture, but how did she achieve it? Behind every iconic beauty is a glam squad. Marilyn's was a one man show affectionately referred to as "Whitey" (Allan Snyder). He was also a confidant and friend to her until the end of her life.
Make-up artist Lisa Eldridge
gives you a guided tour of Marilyn's face with some Tips & Tricks that Whitey used to create the iconic face that we all know and love. I love Lisa's educational and informative DIY video.

WATCH Lisa's tutorial:

Prefer to have a step-by-step guide in book form? Check out the late, great Make-up master Kevyn Aucoin's BOOK: Making Faces

Kevyn & Lisa

He transformed Lisa Marie Presley into the Blond Bombshell

Get GLAM this Valentines Day! Give Marilyn's look a try!. Release YOUR inner Bombshell! I KNOW she's in there...


  1. Love this, LisaG!!! I have the Kevin Aucoin book since it was published; it was my Face Bible forever and I still treasure it! i so LOVE your informative, empowering, and illustrated, blogs!!!

  2. Love the do-it-yourself video! Make-up's a fun way to play and go outside your usual limits/looks by switching it up. When you don't have your own glam squad, you just need to be your own! xo

  3. Very true Amanda ... Even Marilyn only had one person! Thanks DB - I'm so glad that you like the blogs! XO