Thursday, October 1, 2015

DSAM 2015: Celebrate & Educate

Today kicks off DSAM or Down Syndrome Awareness Month. I'm sure many of you are "aware" (especially if you follow me on social media) of the genetic condition referred to as Down Syndrome or Trisomy 21. My son Blake was given a set of 'designer genes' and I was given a new perspective on life, truly.

This month is all about education and sharing stories. I intend on sharing the stories of my fellow mothers, educators, professionals and even a dad or two.

People with Down Syndrome are making an impact in our communities, working, learning, and contributing. The further down this road I get I wonder who is the real"slow learner" or the ones with the "disability"? More and more I don't think it is any member of the Down Syndrome community but society as a whole. For all of the advancements we have made in medicine and technology we have been as equally left behind in humanity, compassion and appreciation.

Our differences are the things that should be embraced and celebrated, not how generic or the same we can be. A homogenized culture devoid of personality and subscribing to the herd mentality. Differences are a great source of learning and an opportunity for growth for all of us. I want to explore all this and more this month as I celebrate people with Down Syndrome and my beautiful boy Blake!

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