Thursday, December 3, 2015

30 Days 30 Dresses: The Results

Sydney and I Day 2

I have been largely occupied the past month preparing for the holidays, dealing with Thanksgiving, Christmas Card Photo shoot, Style Santa Event, Kids and more. I did however make it a priority to follow through with the previously blogged about Style Challenge, 30 days - 30 dresses. The month of November was filled with fabulous frocks for my friend Sydney and I (and a few other Insta Ladies who chose to join the challenge for some days of the month).
Sydney and I on Day 1

Each day for the month of November Sydney and I were dedicated to posting our looks. Even when there was no photographer  present we snapped a pic of our mini, midi or maxi hemline as we went about our day. Sometimes we even had the pleasure of bumping into each other shopping, or pent the morning chatting over breakfast.

We Grocery Shop Like This Bitch.

The results are in.

I completed the task wearing 30 different dresses. Our theory was correct that it is indeed easier to grab a dress and wear than it is to style a head to toe look with pants. We didn't say it was better but it is much more effortless. Some days, if I went out in the evening I actually wore two dresses on that day. I have learned that I could have done this challenge for 2-3 months without having to repeat dresses (time for a closet cleanse). I also learned that I have a severe shortage of tights and suitable hosiery to wear with my plethora of dresses.We did this challenge in the "winter" season in California intentionally where the temperatures are on the chilly side accompanied by the windy days of our sea side towns. The challenge renewed my interest in socks and heels though which I also see as a plus! I pushed my style boundaries as well by trying a dress with sneakers, boots with light chiffon fabrics and different layering combinations, thus the challenge inspired me.

My looks:


"I happily accepted Lisa's 30 days30 dresses challenge for the month of November. I'm a frequent dress wearer as it is, because I find dresses to be the easiest way to look put together in a hurry, and most importantly, I find it the most comfortable way to dress. While I know not everyone owns 30 dresses like I do, it's still very doable by changing up your look with sweaters,shoes, and accessories. I repeated my go to denim dress on purpose to illustrate this. The thing I found interesting is that people so often ask you where you're going when you're in a dress. Most often my answer was "grocery shopping" or "to get my oil changed!" Throughout the month I received a great number of compliments on my outfit-but to be clear, I dress for myself, In what makes me feel good. Many women would compliment me, and then say "oh I couldn't wear that! I'd look too dressed up!" My response is always "yes you can!", and "what's wrong with looking dressed up?" In fact, I had some really pleasant conversations with strangers, encouraging them to be themselves, wear what brings them joy, and step out of their comfort zone just a tad. I stepped out of my comfort zone a few times as well- layering pieces I wouldn't normally, because the weather was cold etc... All in all, it was a really fun project to be a part of! And although November is over, guess what? I'm wearing a dress"

Could you or would you take a challenge like this? You don't need 30 dresses to take part in a DRESScapade. Use your imagination and re-style the pieces you have. Mix seasons and textures and inspire yourself. 

Cheers to DRESSing from an authentic place and representing who you are through your personal style.

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