Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eco Fabulous

We all bear witness on a daily basis to the consequences of our consumption. Our earth is warming, ice is melting, forests are disappearing, we randomly wipe out entire species of animals and we can stack our plastic water bottles to the moon. I think as a society we are becoming painfully aware of what we and our ancestors have put into motion.

I have to take an idealistic attitude about a joint effort to try and repair and reverse the damage that has been done thus far. If not I would lie in my bed on a daily basis and weep to think of the world that I am leaving for my daughter. What can we do as a society to help? It is a daunting task, indeed. Where do we start?

In our closets? could it be?

www.evolution-vintage.com is a NEW on-line resource for vintage clothing that is unique and eco-chic! We also offer a selection of wonderful designer re-sale clothing and accessories both contemporary and vintage.

Our mission ~ To educate and empower women to style Vintage into their current, fashion-forward wardrobes. I want to inspire women to think outside the regular confines of trends and push their personal fashion and style boundaries. Try something new, express your emotions through fashion, be BOLD and proud of your current shape and taste. We want to participate in an Eco Fabulous movement of re-styling and recycling clothing and accessories.

Our 3 R's: Recycle, Re-Style, Respect - Fashion & our earth!

I'm not saying abandon new shopping or contemporary additions to your wardrobe at all. That would be unrealistic and a ridiculous notion. However, the message here is to be creative and supplement your fashion forward and CURRENT wardrobe with gently used, previously loved pieces too. Vintage items and designer duds that have been previously rocked at an event or never been loved (new with tags) at a fraction of the price (monetary & earthly). Every little adjustment to one's lifestyle helps slow the damage we are all contributing to within our environments.

Just take a chance, try on being Eco-fabulous! After all trends come and go but our earth is the only one we have!

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