Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010: Buggy-licious

I have just found my 2 new favorite Spring/Summer 2010 accessories and felt compelled to share them.

Both come from the magical world that is Betsey Johnson: The Large Beetle Charm Necklace with double black and white gingham bows was the perfect addition to my accessory collection. It reminded me of an Egyptian artifact, a Scarab. I think I was channeling my inner Cleopatra at the time of purchase. I just got 5 inches chopped from my black locks and now sport a Cleo-esque long bob. Yummy for summer and perfect for my new Beetle friend. His eyes are 2 emerald stones and the body is gold/white.

When moving away from the counter out of the corner of my eye I saw a black bejeweled snake ring peering at me inside the case. curled up in a hot pink satin ring box lined with leopard print fabric I had to take a closer look. I'm not usually a snake fan however one with jeweled eyes I can tolerate and learn to love. Upon closer inspection I instantly gave it a new home on my index finger.

Make your summer Buggy-licious and try a new accessory: A butterfly broach, a ladybug ring, or grab yourself a beetle bracelet.

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