Saturday, May 8, 2010

To Turban or not To Turban?

One of the season's most interesting accessories is the "Turban" or "Turband". We've seen it all before, just like any "trend" but would you ROCK it for summer 2010?

It's not just for covering up those roots between colours or for "difficult"/bad hair days. It is a new chic hair/head accessory... or is it? YOU DECIDE. To Turban or not to Turban that is the Spring/Summer 2010 accessory question.

Turbans tromped town the runways in 2007 courtesy of Miuccia Prada and Ralph Lauren.
PRADA 2007

Celebs like Mary Kate Olsen and JLO rocked the Turband in 07:

Mary Kate's Turband 07

JLO @ MTV Awards 07

Kate Moss gave us a shining example of a chic turban in 2009 on the red carpet at the MET.

Carol Alt Rocks a Turband in the 1980s

The pages of Marie Clair magazine featured the turban for S/S 2010

Marie Clair - March 2010

and it has even made it's way into the much anticipated Sex and the City sequel film on the fab head of Carrie Bradshaw.

We have seen many versions over the years but where did they come from?

According to my research the first mention of turbans dates back to the end of the fourteenth Century, at the end of the Moorish occupation in Spain. Turbans were first introduced into English fashion in the 1790’s inspired by England’s increased trade with India for cotton. The French brought the Turban to the forefront of fashion in the 20th century via couturier Paul Poiret. See his wife Denise and muse in one of his designs:

Paul Poiret and his Oriental influence - Costume 1911

Many versions manifested from the 1920's well through the 1950's. All different versions, styles, colours, fabrics.



Vintage Turban (Crochet)

Middle-East meets mid-town Manhattan ... Can you Turban?

I know I CAN!!!


  1. Okay, at first I was thinking... "Well, Carrie Bradshaw, can pull off ANYTHING" ... But then when I got to the vintage photos, you really got me! The turban can be *Beautiful*! :)

    I love love love the picture of your grandmother. She is stunning! :)

    Great Post! :)

  2. To Turban!
    I can't pull it off, well I may just be able to do the headband-turban look.

    And your grandmother looks like a glamourous movie star!

  3. I'm not sure what I think of it. I will say I love it on Carrie and your Grandmother.

  4. Lovely to have found your blog! Thank you for your comments. I love turbans but can never find the right one! Love the YSL, the turband and the one in Marie Claire, do you know where it's from? Christina xx

  5. in my opinion, not to turban...

  6. This is a fabulous post, thanks for the follow & for directing me here! I know this is a shameless plug, but... everyone who tries on a Titillating Turban finds a way to tie it that looks just fabulous on them. Just like you have to find the right haircut to suit your face shape, you can find the right way to wrap & tie that defines your unique style.

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.XO

    Christina: I'm not sure who made the Turban from the Marie Claire editorial but here is the info if you would like to dig a little deeper.

    Editorial Name: Retro futurista
    Model: Egle Tvirbutaite
    Photographer: Johan Sandberg

    Marie Claire Italia March 2010

  8. Thanks Elle Renee XO She is STILL glam @ 86. I hope to be 'workin' it' into my 80's