Thursday, September 23, 2010

Style Maven Series: Angela McCluskey

Angela McCluskey is a Grammy nominated Scottish songstress who has a career as eclectic as her personal style. She first achieved professional recognition as a member of the LA based band Wild Colonials. She joined the French group Telepopmusik and released 2 albums and with the smash hit "Breathe" that earned a Grammy nomination. She has also released 2 solo albums, "The Things We Do" and her newest "You could start a fight in an empty house". Both amazing albums, purchase ASAP. You will be pleasantly surprised and fall in love. She has had an on-going side project called "The Waterbunnies" with Danny Keough. The album "You Might Need a Gun" is available @ Amazon & iTunes. She has also lent her amazing vocals to the UNICEF/Pampers track "Dream" as well as one of the BEST versions of "Amazing Grace" as heard on the A&E show Intervention.

In the beautiful video love letter to NYC Angela and her composer husband Paul Cantelon are followed through a breathtaking autumn day in Central Park. The video was shot by famed fashion photographer Bruce Weber in 2007 and it features an original recording of the song 'Autumn In New York' performed by Angela McCluskey.



Besides her stunning and unconventional vocals Angela is a very Avant-Garde Style Maven who mixes Vintage with contemporay pieces and pairs whimsical with the conventional. She is also a very kind lady and a TRUE artist in all senses of the word.

I had the opportunity to ask Angela my STYLE MAVEN QUESTIONS:

LISAG: Can you describe your personal Style aesthetic AND attitude about fashion?

ANGELA: No particular bent..but lean towards vintage mixed with new

LISAG: What are the key components / pieces in your closet?

ANGELA: black leggings..they work with everything and give you a nice line..make old look new and new look interesting mixed with great shoes which are my obsession.

LISAG: How do you feel about Vintage Clothing and Accessories?

ANGELA: love old hats but dont wear so much but used to be crazy about them my thing is probably flowers in my hair which ive done for years.

LISAG: What are your favorite Vintage pieces (Clothing and/or Accessories)? Do you only wear designer vintage?

ANGELA: I have valentino coat form the 70's and I love old sueade patchwork jackets and capes.

LISAG: What are you wearing this fall? Tell our readers the key elements for your Fall/Winter wardrobe.

ANGELA: leggins (lol) and vintage tops mixed with modern shoes mainly mark jacobs or chloe.


Tired of generic, top 40, over produced, cookie cutter artists, singers and MUSIC??? So am I. Give Angela McCluskey a listen. I promise you will not be disappointed. In fact post a comment to this BLOG and thank me later XO

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