Wednesday, December 8, 2010


30 years ago today the world suffered a great loss in John Lennon. We all know about his achievements in music as a Beatle but I feel that his most important achievement on this earth was trying to spread the message of love and peace. He was part of a dialogue of words that everyone was thinking but no one publicly said. He used his fame and platform to spread his message of Peace and Love and protest his disdain for all the violence, killing and war. Love is the answer ...

People can say what they like about Yoko Ono but I have to hand it to her. She has carried on her mission with John for 30 YEARS. Today marks the day I married the love of my life, 2 years ago. I really feel for Yoko. I could not imagine the suffering and pain the loss of John has caused her. I admire her that she has kept his memory alive and continued, unwavering, doing the work they started together. Her dream of peace on earth has never died, and neither has John really. We can all honor his memory by living loving and peaceful lives and standing up for what we believe in.

Imagine, dream and act; maybe one day and one day the world will live as one.


Save and print this image for display around your home, in your car or hand it out to friends and family. Spread John's message of PEACE. It is all up to US now.

Send your wishes, memories to the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER!!

Learn about the concept and significance of the tower here:

Yoko gave this statement to the press yesterday (Tuesday Dec 7, 2010): "On this tragic anniversary please join me in remembering John with deep love and respect," Ono said. "In his short lived life of 40 years, he has given so much to the world. The world was lucky to have known him. We still learn so much from him today. John, I love you!"


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