Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Style Maven Series: Simone Reyes

Many of you may not know this Maven but let me introduce Simone Reyes. Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons RIGHT hand (assistant), an unequivocal supporter and protector of animal's rights, vegan, burlesque dancer and pole dancing/fitness aficionado.

She starred on the 2010 debut of the Oxygen reality show "Running Russell Simmons" that chronicles the day-to-day grind of Russell Simmons and his fierce femme support team, that organize and facilitate Russell's busy life. Simone and Christina being the top two girls who are the closest to Russell and handle all dealings from business to personal for the extremely busy entrepreneur, entertainment and fashion mogul, philanthropist, and yogi.

Running Russell Simmons (Trailer):

What truly inspires me about Simone is her COMPASSION and PASSION for animals and their rights. She is a Vegan and a hard core supporter of PETA, Mercy for Animals, Farm Sanctuary and Animal Acres. She speaks for those who do not have a voice in our society, the millions of defenceless animals slaughtered each day so society can keep the status quo on their plates. In the wise words of Sir Paul McCartney; “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.” Think about that concept for a moment. People would have to really consider where their food comes from.

Many people also do not realize that their choice to eat meat is not only cruel but they are contributing to an entity that is the LARGEST contributor the destruction our planet - Factory Farms! Did you know that a Factory Farm creates more pollution and greenhouse gas emissions than ALL the cars, trucks, vans, planes, trains and ships in the world COMBINED! This is according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

I was particularly impressed by her efforts in NY times Square making a statement along side PETA (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Her quest for equality for all; men, women and animals extended to her participation in the NOH8 Campaign.
Lend your face & voice:

She stays fit and sexy through her pole dancing and fitness.

Simone On Pole Dancing: "I always feel it's my job to introduce women to pole dancing because I have personally gotten so much out of it. Sure, it's a hot badge of honor, a cool notch on your belt to be able to hang upside down on a pole, but the benefits go much deeper. Pole dancing takes me back to a very primitive, organic part of myself physically and emotionally. It frees me. And yes, it's HOT."
My sister owns a business called "RockNPole" ( which encompasses personalized fitness programs, customized pole fitness with a fun "girls night in" component of pole parties at your home. Get the girls together and ROCK the POLE! I wish more women knew of the benefits of pole fitness and dance. Spread the word Simone!!

She also has spread her creative wings into the area of burlesque dance.

Simone has a hippy-chic sense of style mixing boho with rock-n-roll and sequins; the combination of flashy & earthy! I LOVE her accessories; headbands, hats and Vintage bags. Of course all her fashion choices are 'animal friendly' too -She wears no furs, animal skins, leather or otherwise. If it ain't Vegan she's not buying.

I had a chance to ask Simone my Style Maven Questions:

LISA: Can you describe your personal Style aesthetic AND attitude about fashion?

SIMONE: My personal style is Cherie Currie meets Sharon Tate..70's glam rocker/ 60's flowerchild

LISA: What are the key components / pieces in your closet?

SIMONE: I love bell bottom jeans, platform shoes and dresses with sequins. I love anything shiny, like a bird.

LISA: How do you feel about Vintage Clothing and Accessories?

SIMONE: I am a vintage girl at heart..its boring for me to shop at a mall and I never follow trends. However, put me in a vintage store and I feel my heart begin to swell. The hunt is the most thrilling part.

LISA: What are your favorite Vintage pieces (Clothing and/or Accessories)? Do you only wear designer vintage?

SIMONE: I don't limit my wardrobe to only vintage but it's my go-to favorite look. My favorite pieces are a few 70's jumpsuits that I embellished with some retro patches and studs to rocker them up a bit. I have some delicate lace shawls that remind me of my idol, Stevie Nicks and some amazing 60's minidresses that I adore.

LISA: What are you wearing this Spring? Tell our readers the key elements for your Spring 2011 wardrobe

SIMONE: I love capes so I am going to be wearing those as the NY weather goes from chilly to breezy.

LISA: If you could give women 1 piece of STYLE advice, what would it be?

SIMONE: My style advice is to choose their wardrobe from the heart..come from a place of non-violence which means DON'T wear fur, leather, feathers, silk, wool or suede. I remember meeting with a stylist on the first season of filming "Running Russell Simmons" and the look on her face when I told her I'm a vegan and we don't wear any animal products. She had the look of "WHAT am I going to pull for her?!?!". Then, as she got to see all my pieces from my closet she understood that you don't need to be cruel to look cool. Compassion is the Fashion.

Evolution Vintage's Picks for Simone:

Vintage Silver & Black Sequin Top

Designer Re-Sale: Jovovich-Hawk Dress

Late 40's Vintage Whiting & David Metal Mesh Clutch

White Evolution Vintage T-shirt ~ vintage Style Burn out shirt - VERY ROCK N ROLL!


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