Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A V-Day Idea

We are a few days away from the most LOVED and most LOATHED Hallmark holiday of the year ~ Valentine's day!

I wanted to share a creative Valentine idea for the man or woman who has everything, needs nothing and would sincerely appreciate an thoughtful expression of LOVE (that's all of us, right?)

I don't really buy into all the consumerism that surround these contrived holidays however besides the natural daily expression of love between my husband and I (we gift and are romantic all year long) I thought I wanted to share my creative splurge on a V-day past and my personal creation, my variation of a scavenger hunt activity. It was inexpensive, thoughtful and FUN!

Here's what I did - You can make your own modifications to customize his/her experience:

I created 10 clues to guide him throughout the house.

I used both greeting cards (from the $ store) as well as hand made cards to use as clues.

Each clue was a riddle type rhyme that would lead him to the next. For example:

On the cover of the first card (it started in the kitchen on the fridge) The outside read: "For my Valentine, my husband, my life ~ here you begin your quest to uncover the love gift from your wife xox". It was a V-day card and on the inside Clue #1: When you are feeling less than fresh, all salty and yucky. There's just one place to go to get squeaky clean, you may even see a rubber ducky"

Clue #2 was in the shower under our daughters Rubber Ducky Toy. A homemade card that read: "On me you stand to surf a wave. You use me each and every day. Come find me, come get me - run to this room where unpacked boxes sit in doom and gloom"

Clue#2 was under taped to one of his surfboards in our garage. A greeting card read "Surf's up you found me - open to reveal clue # 3" - 3rd Clue: "This drawer is mostly filled with things that rarely bring you glee; like bills, junk and other stuff you'd rather never see"

Clue #4 was located in the kitchen "junk drawer". It was a homemade card that read: Here I am ~ Clue # 4 you will "get it" you've done it before. 4th Clue: Communicate with family, research, shop and play games. Since this invention came into our home life has never been the same. I sit where your fingers strike keys ~ when you find clue #5 you will be very pleased.

Clue #5 location under the computer's keyboard ....

You get the idea. There was 10 clues in all. You can design your hunt any way you would like. You can hand make all the clue cards and even the gift at the end. Depending on your plan and budget you can purchase something or create something on your own.

The grand gift at the end of the hunt for him was 200 tiny glow in the dark star stickers that I placed in the bedroom ceiling right above where he sleeps. The final clue had him crawl into bed, read the clue card and look up. I hit the lights just then to reveal my glow-in-the-dark message. It spelled out the words "I Love You" and I also created the constellation PAVO (which means peacock)in stars - I had purchased and named a star from the International Star Registry for his 40th birthday (which is another fabulous gift idea: ) and I chose the stars location in the constellation PAVO.

Total Cost:

Cards - $5 & Stickers - $6 = TOTAL $11

Time $0

Result: - Priceless Memories

Single and Fabulous?

I suggest buying yourself something fabulous and loving yourself this V-day. My suggestion get a new fragrance. You don't have to go to a grand expense if you are on a budget but you can treat yourself and show yourself some love with a new signature scent. If you can't afford one take a quick trip to the fragrance counter and sample some. Grab a friend and go frgarance sampling (and perhaps some makeup while you are there)

My current Fragrance Favourites:

Thierry Mugler: "Angel" & "Womanity"

Kimora Lee Simmons: "Fabulosity" & "Seductive Goddess" (Watch for her new fragrance LOVE ME to hit stores in Spring)

Versace: "Bright Crystal"

No matter who you choose to spend your V-day with the most important LOVE on this and every day is SELF LOVE. Celebrate yourself and how unique and wonderful you are! You don't need a 3rd party confirmation ... you know you are worth it.


  1. Fabulous post! GREAT affordable and creative idea! Your so good at making things personal and unique.I LOVE IT!

  2. Thank you Brande!! And thanks so much for sharing the link on your FB! I really appreciate it XO