Sunday, May 1, 2011

Patriotic Pairings for Spring/Summer

Patriotic pairings are a trendy choice for Spring / Summer 2011 ~ for us residing in the USA/U.K. embrace your RED, WHITE & BLUES with a little nautical twist and glam gold accents. To be Canadian CHIC, get rid of your blues and rock your red & white!! xo

*Trends are suggestions and not to be taken literally really. They are intended to be interpreted by you and your own unique and personal style. The color pallet can serve as inspiration. For example one of the colors is white - nothing is as chic as an all white ensemble with great accessories for Spring/Summer*

I got this fabulous R/W/B striped Vintage coat yesterday and it was instinctual that I immediately LOVED it for this season.

I then cruised by my p.o. box to pick up my mail and was greeted with the latest issue of Harpers Bazaar to find the following reinforcement (Click on images to ENLARGE):

CHIC confections from Evolution Vintage (SHOP: )


No matter what flag you live under you can ROCK YOUR VERSION of the above or perish the thought all together, wear what YOU want for S/S 2011 and let your Fashion Forecaster Freak Flag FLY HIGH!! I will personally be waving BOTH flags this season.

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