Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Portable Luxury ~ It's in the bag

Twitter has opened up a whole new world of communication, instant digital gratification and by the minute information to me (and MILLIONS of others). I came across a very creative and kind lady in Lina of Analeena's Handbags (http://www.analeena.com/) or follow on twitter @LinaAnaleena (www.twitter.com/LinaAnaleena )

With a background in high-end fashion and accessories beginning at luxury fashion house Hermes, Lina Hamed is well versed in high quality, craftsmanship, and materials. She add's her own personality, attention to detail and artistry to each of her creations to create the signature Analeena bag! She has successfully merged luxury with practicality with her added touches that women need in a functional handbag; like an umbrella pocket, a torch (for keys) and a bag hanger (keep that bag off the floor ladies). The pieces are intended as a fashionable heirloom to be loved, used, treasured and passed down to the next generation of fashionistas.

My favorite part of her collection? THE BOLD COLORS!!! I love that the clutches are made in both jewel tones and brights ~ ORANGE being my FAV! (I also love the bright yellow, lime and the jewel tone green over sized clutches!)

Her collection is quickly becoming a favorite of celebrity Style Mavens as well. Dita Von Teese, Blake Lively and Molly Sims all share Lina's appreciation for fashion and luxury!

Style Maven: Dita Von Teese

Model & Jewelry Designer ~ Molly Sims

Blake Lively (Gossip Girl)

Character "Juliet" on Gossip Girl

I had the opportunity to ask Lina a few questions about her collection:

LISA: Where did the concept of Analeena bag's come from?

LINA: Analeena was created because I have a penchant for luxury, I worked in Hermes, which was one of the most beautiful and treasured experiences I have had. I always loved bags, and was always called the 'bag lady' by my family and friends. I love Exotic skins especially crocodile, and there was a boom in the market when I was doing my market research. I wanted to create a kind of universe of things that are classic, unique, eye catching, and easy to use. I mixed colours and skins together, I added the umbrella pocket, the rose gold metal buckles which I had not seen in the stores and a torch in every bag. I created the hand woven rock ‘n roll python bags with a metal thread and added the bag hanger, so you never have to put you bag on the floor. There is a superstition in South America and the Mediterranean that if a person puts their bag on the floor, they will lose their money. “Bag on the floor be poor"...but not with Analeena

LISA: What inspires you?

LINA: Everything. Nature, People...I am inspired by life. Everything that surrounds me is an inspiration. The fact I can never find my car keys lead me to create the torch in the bags. I can't stand to have my bag on the floor in case it gets dirty, so I thought to have a matching bag hanger in each bag. I love colour, I love emotions, feelings and I reflect that in the skins I choose.

LISA: Is the Analeena line all bags? or accessories as well?

LINA: Also accessories, such as belts, bracelets, diamond and crocodile bracelets, laptop covers.

LISA: Who are your style inspirations? or icons?

LINA: I'm inspired by many people, Gianni Agnelli, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, and Diana Vreeland.

LISA: Where can my readers buy your creations?

LINA: Harrods in the Uk, Javece in Hong Kong, Hip in Cairo. The online shopping is being launched but it will take sometime.

LISA: What is your personal favorite Analeena bag?

LINA: Oh that's a difficult one! As I carry all my bags, I designed each piece around what I need, carry and use. I even carry the clutches during the day!

LISA: What would you recommend for your readers for S/S 2011 from your line? for day AND night

LINA: All of them! But if one were to choose just one bag then id say the Analeena Over sized Clutch, that gets you through day to night

For those of you who are in LOVE with the line and are unable to get across the pond to buy one, start $saving ladies in anticipation for her on-line launch! Remember when making large luxury purchases, you really DO get what you pay for!

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  1. These bags are the epitome of luxury!! Gorgeous! What an amazing talent she has and eye for beautiful materials!I love the unique nature of the clutches!Lisa, your header photo is simply stunning!!