Thursday, January 19, 2012

Creative Organization: TIPS

If you read this blog you will know that 2012 for me means 2 things: More ME time AND I am on a personal quest to turn my creatively disorganized self into little miss Organized!

To that end I am gathering EVERY piece of organizational information to make my life easier. I live in literal organized chaos and need to simplify my life to make it easier for me to prioritize and get it all done ... and done WELL.

I wanted to share a few household organizational tips that may help you "get it together" for 2012 and keep it that way. I always get forwards via e-mail and this one sent recently by my mom gave me a few AH-HA Organizational moments.

Got a ton of unsightly, left over grocery bags? No worries; Re-use a "Wet Wipes" or "Baby Wipe" container and store your bags. Take it a step further all you DIY-er's and decoupage(d├ęcoupage) the containers with custom images and/or designs to match your home decor.

Use your old bread tags to organize all of the cords under your desk. They make the perfect size labels too.

What once was a muffin baking pan is now a craft caddy for the kids!! Magnets hold the plastic cups down to make them tip-resistant.

Brilliant space-saver: install a tension rod to hang your spray bottles.

Linen Storage: Store your bedding sets inside one of the matching pillow cases. No more hunting around for a match and everything is all stored neatly together.


They Sky's The Limit: Use wire to make a space overhead to store gift wrap rolls against the ceiling, rather than cluttering up the floor.

Re-Purpose your egg cartons to store all your Christmas decor.


Magnetic storage for all your loose metal items, like bobby pins, tweezers, clippers and more! Use a magnetic strip and mount behind a vanity door.

Tired of finding a place to store all of your children's stuffed toys?? I know I am. Avoid this completely by installing a Velcro strip to the wall and attaching all the soft toys ... I wonder what my daughters room would look like with a border of stuffed toys. Oh, the possibilities!

How do you stay organized??? Share your tips and tricks with me by leaving a comment! I need your help for my 2012 transformation.

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