Friday, January 20, 2012

Pretty Bird: Obsessed

I totally love prints and feathers, none more than the Peacock feather. I am always excited to share my latest "Obsessions" and this one is no exception. The Peacock Feather Printed tights courtesy of Look from London!!
My only task at this point is choosing a color to purchase these fabulous leggings in. Black with no question but I also may have to grab a pair in mustard, Cerise and Grey :) With 11 colors to chose from there is something for everyone!!

I also LOVE that they are worn on the front OR back!

The front is so unexpected and the back is so CHIC! Your entire look changes with a quick shoe swap from a boot to a metallic sandal to a bootie to a heel.

They also have 2 peacocks "kissing" as a print on tights (Kissing Birds) - I'll take a pair; Black on Mustard Please!! oooooo and Black on Stone too ;) Make a leg-licious statement for under $35.

Not ready to get leggy? Try strutting your stuff in the rubber boot from Chooka for $60

Got a Passion for Peacock AND Purses? Try this fabulous statement piece form Evolution Vintage.

Fascination with Feathers? Check out THIS Blog post!


  1. LOVE this! But then, I love everything you write! I thought the first peacock tights were grabbing me til I saw the peacocks kissing tights, I may HAVE to have those! And the black peacock tights as well, what the h*ll. :) FUN, feisty and fab, the trifecta!!! Thanx for another winner, Lisa G!!!

  2. P.S. The peacock purse might be calling me too haha! :)

  3. Ok Lisa - these are totally cool!! I love them... Lulu :)