Sunday, January 13, 2013

Get Lippy

LIP Brooch designed by Salvador Dali ~  1949

There are so many motifs, prints and themes when it comes to fashion and accessories. One of my FAV's right now are LIPS! You get an easy choice each day to choose a lip color; red? coral? pink? or type of lip adornment; stick? gloss? stain? but it may not be so easy to decide when to 'Get Lippy' when it comes to your overall look with clothing or accessories.

Here are a few FUN pieces I love:

Lauren Moshi Lip Sweater ~ $158 (New Customers get 20% OFF)

Custom KISS Key Chain
(Send your lipstick mark and have it made into a FAB key chain)

**Note: The same print in a Cosmetic bag will soon be available on her Website with 20% going to a developing country safe water CHARITY - the print came from lipstick kiss marks of people on her staff! There are also 2 other dresses in the print. FAB!** 

How will you get LIPPY this season??
Sienna Miller

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