Monday, February 4, 2013

Inner Beauty Regime

Christy Turlington for VOGUE April 1994 in Jean Paul Gaultier Suit

When we think of beauty we are always TOLD what is on the inside that counts but what we are SHOWN is the value and measurement of beauty by society on the outside. We spend a lot of time (and money) on our outer beauty regimes. For me what is on the inside naturally enhances what is on the out; conventional, generic beauty is non existent through my eyes. Personal style is a powerful non-verbal statement/reflection of who you are inside represented visually by the clothing you choose and how you style them, but it is only a part of the picture. 

I was just asked what I do for my hair and skin in the winter as part of my regular beauty regime and it got me thinking about beauty as a whole. What we see on the outside is the tip of the proverbial iceberg of an individuals beauty. A small piece of who we really are. Do you have an inner beauty regime? My weekly Yoga practice is a very important part of my internal beauty regime. Words can honestly not describe how it impacts me as a whole; inside and out.
Candelight Yoga - where I practice.

My yoga instructor used the iceberg analogy when speaking about yoga in a class I took a while back.
I wanted to share an interesting read provided by Daily Cup of Yoga  . The most powerful message is the common misconception that yoga is all about the poses. Although very important and an integral part of the practice there is so much more to the practice of yoga than ASANA (the poses). Conversely, fashion/style and outer appearance IS important to your beauty concept and who you are but there is so much more internally that makes someone beautiful.
I personally LOVE inspirational quotations which always serve to motivate me to evaluate, think and act in my daily life and always promotes inner growth in some way.

I also continuously challenge myself and purposely choose the road less traveled so I am able, through adversity to build character. This includes failure and tough tasks that push me out of my comfort zone. Doing for others and giving with no expectation of a return is another item to add to your inner beauty regime and practice on a regular basis. You should give it a try today.

Inner and outer beauty regimes each serve to enhance the other but we as a society of women, from my experience, tend to spend less time and effort on the internal.

Do you have or devote time to your inner beauty regime? the part of you that creams, injections and clothes can't enhance or change?

What is your favorite inner beauty practices? 

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