Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Muddy Waters with UGLY MUD

I will try anything once and I love to sample all kids of skin care and beauty products in the search of the perfect combination for my skin and lifestyle. As we age our skin and our needs change, the trick is trying to keep up with it.

I was introduced to UGLY MUD Coffee Scrub back in December and was excited to give it a try.  I love the smell of coffee and to be honest it was the name that sold it for me.  I loved how clever and honest it was.

The mud was created by Mompreneur Rachel Streck to help her baby deal with the skin condition keratosis pilaris or KP. Her blend of coffee and other organic oils helped relieve the appearance of KP and was gently enough to use on her infant.  She began to share the MUD with her friends who had issues with acne scars, psoriasis, rosacea, fine lines/wrinkles, and cellulite. They were happy with the results over the four year period she made it exclusively for them. Now it's YOUR TURN to get UGLY with this mud.
Both myself and my husband used it. I love the smell of coffee and the scrub itself.  It is a mess but well worth my smooth and soft skin post scrub.  She did not include any artificial fragrance, dyes, or chemicals to make the mud "PRETTY", she believes "it is not okay to add poisonous substances like bleach or artificial fragrances in order to sell more products at the expense of your health". So the mud is what it is. It is UGLY but it WORKS.

What's In It? Ingredients and their applications according to her brochure.
*Coffee (tightening your skin, smoothing out cellulite)
*Dead Sea Salt (proven to remove toxins and scrub away dead skin)
*Grape Seed Oil (light antioxidant and provides skin with moisture)
*Jojoba Oil (Helps skin conditions by reducing appearance of "redness")
*Almond Oil (Gives your skin a radiant, healthy glow)
*Vitamin E Oil (nourishes and treats your skin)

I had a cross section of women of different ages (20-64) and occupations try UGLY MUD. Here is what they found:

Hayley Said:  "I love it!!..actually want to buy some. Its invigorating and i love how it leaves my skin nice and soft...and its not too abrasive which I like....SOLD!"

Jennifer Said: "I really loved the smell and ratio of coffee to oil however I would have liked the grain of coffee to be a little bigger. I didn't try it on my face but I'm sure it would have been great for that, I just used it on my legs and usually like a scrub to give me more of an exfoliation. But the smell was amazinngggg loved it! I would definitely purchase this item to use as a facial scrub!"

Kim Said: "I liked the scent of the scrub, but the texture could be refined s bit. The scrub felt gritty. However, my skin did feel as though it had received a good and exfoliation. I would use it again."

Jessica Said: "I like that its a scrub, it makes my skin feel really soft after I use it. It is pretty coffee-y and messy but when I use it in the shower it's not hard to clean up. I haven't really seen it make a difference on the appearance of my skin besides the softness, but I can say that I like using it!!"

Sydney Said: " I've gotta say, it was too coffee'ish for me. Both the smell and texture. Way too messy-not my thing. I'd have to see big results for me to use regularly. Enjoyed trying it"
Jensine Said: "I enjoy, more than anything, the sensation of a good scrub in the shower. I love getting my back scratched and a body scrub is the next best thing. I do enjoy the scent of coffee and like the idea that the caffeine may be giving my skin some tightening and/or smoothing. I can't say whether or not it has reduced cellulite, but it feels and smells great! I don't recommend using it on the face. I didn't like it for that purpose. I felt like it was too oily for that. It definitely makes a big mess, so I am grateful for my flexible shower head to rinse the walls when I'm done!"

Marie Said: "I have been using the UGLY MUD and i think i like it. It does smell quite strongly of coffee but I go used to it and I happen to be one to like that fragrance. I can see how some would not appreciate it though. The application does invigorate my skin, but I haven't used it long enough to know if there are any long term benefits. I found the consistency pretty good but I generally prefer an exfoliate a little thicker."

Carol Said: "I sampled the Ugly Mud and absolutely loved the smell. I have fibromyalgia and found that the coarse texture was a bit much for me. My skin felt smooth and nice afterwards but the shower was a mess and took a bit of time to clean up."

Erika Said: "ok so I just did my face and I'm impressed! it really is very soft after and doesn't feel dry at all.
A little messy, but I can see why it should be done in the shower and not over the sink!
and all I can smell is awesome coffee beans!!"

The UGLY MUD 411:

*$1 of every sale goes to CHARITY A different charity every month thus spreading the love and mud around!

*The offer a MONEY BACK Guarantee if you are not happy with the product or results.

*Connect with UGLY MUD & Rachel Via FACEBOOK and their WEBSITE

So What are you waiting for? 

Will you MUDDY UP?

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