Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Farewell Mrs. Chancellor

The grand jewel in the crown of the daytime series The Young and the Restless has been lost today in actress Jeanne Cooper. 
She passed away today at the age of 84 after battling an undisclosed illness. She has been a part of life in my home for over 20 years in her role of Katherine Chancellor. 
Since the tender age of 14 I loved watching "Mrs. C" with the glitz and glamour she toted around Genoa City and the heart her character had. She was always there with a tweed clad shoulder to cry on, 
wagging her jeweled encrusted finger with advice 
and always called a spade and space in her beautiful brooched glory.
I have a feeling Jeanne's heart was equal or greater than that of her most famous character based on the tweets and messages of condolence from her cast mates and those who knew her (Read Here). My thoughts and deepest condolence to her family and friends.

Jeanne Began her career as an actress in 1953 in a film "The Redhead from Wyoming"  as the character Myra.
She went on to act in 31 more films as well as over 14 television roles, most famously her full time role on The Young and the Restless.
Jeanne & Co-Star Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman)

I think it is truly amazing that Jeanne she was one of the longest-serving serial television actors in American media history. She joined the cast of Y&R in 1973. For her work on the show she received two Emmy Awards.

Last summer she released her memoir "Not Young, Still Restless" 

Pick up the book and read her amazing life story in her own words! 

The show will not be the same without her ... Farewell Mrs. Chancellor
"Jeanne Cooper - A genuine person, gifted performer, good friend to all. Never before and never again. A true artist and legend. She will be missed. My thoughts and my love are with her family" B&B's Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell 

“I never wanted to be a movie star. I always wanted to be an actress, one of the best. And I am.” 


  1. Very Nice Lisa, a beautiful reflection, well done.

  2. Thank You so much Ross - XO

  3. so beautiful, we love her in France,prayers for her family