Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LVA: Every Woman, Every Day

I am new to the world of habitually working out. I am a start/stop kind of gal who has issues with maintaining my motivation. My priorities are family first and all of the rest later with exercise usually falling to the bottom of the list. I have been hard pressed to find something that has kept my interest but I LOVE the dance fitness program LaBlast. It was created by my friend, champion dancer, Dancing with the Stars pro and now fitness clothing designer Louis Van Amstel.
Equally challenging is navigating the fitness fashion realm, one of the only style genres that I have little experience with. From what I've seen and tried the garments fall a little short to say the least. I was truly EXCITED to learn Louis LVA clothing line is now available via SEARS.com It is available in 3 colors (pink, blue and black) and garment sizes going up to 3XL.
My FAVOURITE piece in the collection is the MATADORE PANT! ($59.99)
No more loose skin or flab spilling over your all ready ill fitting workout pants. This will provide full mid section coverage and support while you work your way to your best body. It is also adjustable so you an fold it down to suit your body type/height. Louis expressed to me during our conversation about his new line, "my first vision was to create the ultimate work out pant. There will also be another version coming that is a 'convertible pant' that you can wear three ways"

I chatted with Louie at length about his new line and I adore his genuine intention to provide every woman, of every age, every size, and every budget an opportunity to look great while living their daily lives AND while working out.

Louie expressed how proud he is of the line and how hands on he was in the design, color and fabric choices. He based his designs for each piece on his experience with women. He mentioned, "after doing LaBlast for so many years I have been able to gain a new perspective about body types; what women want, what they want to hide and what they want to reveal. I have the vision for the pieces and then I collaborate with the designer. It is all about what is the most flattering on a woman"

LVA is an active wear lifestyle brand. it is all about the most value for your money. I wanted the collection to be versatile. It is a hybrid collection that not only can you look stylish while working out but you can add jeans or a different pant and run your errands, go to lunch, appointments or shopping. All of the garments have a touch of femininity and it's all about feeling good!"


I wondered who the target market was for his line as I noticed one of the models he chose is not a 20 year old, size zero which is what we have come to expect in this society. She is however a beautiful, mature, woman.  Louis explained, "The Motto for LVA is: I'm every woman. We are catering to seven decades, any ethnic group, any size."
Long Sleeve in True Black $48 (Also Avail in Blue/Pink)

I love the side rouche detail and the lengths of these tops. I have personally experienced the peril of an exercise (or regular top) rolling or riding up as you move. These garments are long enough to cover the midsection and with that side string you can adjust to suit your shape and height.

Louis and I also talked a little bit about sizing. He originally started LaBlast to genuinely help fight obesity and realized that women of every size needed something feminine and stylish to wear. He explained "Women who are XXL or XXXL were wearing t-shirts that were so over sized or their husbands/men's t-shirts. I thought they deserved something better. The motivation is to help the woman who is XXL transition to XL, to LG and so forth in a feminine way with the LVA brand. The clothes are designed to make her feel good while she is doing it."

Moral of the story ladies: You can be feminine, beautiful and stylish at ANY size. This personally motivates me to get into an every day workout program. There is no one I would rather make my size and health transitions with than Louis Van Amstel, LVA and LaBlast.

What pieces will you buy? Leave your picks in the comments below.

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The matador pant, hourglass tank and long sleeve top are in my cart as I type. I'll share my images rockin' LVA in a future post!

Let Louie know your feedback about the line and share your pictures!

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