Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Lifetime of Adornment: Tziporah Salamon

In my last blog post I was totally inspired by the stylish Tziporah Salamon and her distinction between being stylish and fashionable.  She is a lady of bi-costal style and at the top of my list for one of the most intriguing women I have come across in a long time. Driven by her passion for self expression, her family history of fashion and her exquisite taste in fashion's past, she is an authentic style maven!
She was born 63 years ago in Israel to a Hungarian Jewish Dressmaker and Tailor her life seamed destined to be a stylish one. She is a permanent fixture on the New York style scene and today teaches women about the fine art of dressing!
She hosts intimate seminars where you can get up close and personal with her and her astounding clothing and textile collection. I would love a chance to have a peek at her hat collection alone, with over 200 pieces and counting. This unique opportunity is available on both coasts and this month in CALIFORNIA (see below for details).
What I love about her is an unwavering to her commitment to a lifetime of adornment. To making the world a more fabulous place, one carefully curated outfit at a time. She and I share many of the same philosophies, passions and respect for fashion. Tziporah has some serious style credentials as well. She has taught at Parsons School of Design in New York, worked as as stylist, a fashion consultant, sales associate for high end NY department stores, buyer and most recently a model for the house of Lanvin. 
I'm sure she also also served as a muse to photographers and designers alike. She has been recently  featured in the book Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen, based on his popular BLOG where you can find a multitude of images of her various looks.  
She has certainly served as in inspiration to me. How she stylishly lives her life reinforces my belief that style has no bounds except those that surround your imagination and heart.

I had the sincere pleasure of asking her a few questions recently...

LG: Have you always been a collector of unique clothing and accessories? Or was their a period that your 'collection' started?

TS:   I have always dressed well with a unique style.  As my parents made all of my clothes from day one, I always wore clothes that no one else wore as they were custom-made for me.  This was especially true during my childhood.  In my teens, I bought distinctive clothing and was very sophisticated with a sense of style beyond my years.
My collection of antique clothing really started in 1979 when I moved back to NY to pursue fashion after living seven years in California.   I quickly realized that the way to go was vintage as the clothes are much better made, much more affordable and one of a kind.
LG: Both your mother and father were tailors, do you make any of your own clothing?

TS: No, I don't sew.  I never learned.  But I utilize dressmakers and tailors all the time and have many of my clothes made.
LG: Who or What inspires you?

TS: I get inspiration everywhere.  But some constant sources are: Matisse; Persian miniatures; ancient cultures; Islamic art; old movies; Art Deco; silent films; the films of Charlie Chaplin; art books; graphics; flowers
LG: What style advice can you pass along to my readers?

TS: Get to know your body.  Know what looks good on you.  Buy the best that your budget can afford.  Choose quality over quantity.  Avoid trends.  Go for classic, beautiful, well-made clothes.  Study carefully how others whose style you admire put themselves together.  Learn from the best.  Take risks.  Stretch yourself.  Have fun with clothes.  Look at dressing as an opportunity to express your unique individuality. Choose wisely.
Hat: Piers Atkinson

LG:  If you had to choose ONE look to define who you are, what would it be?

TS: That's a difficult one because I have several that express who I am.  Forced to choose one, it would have to be some fabulous hand-embroidered Chinese ensemble from the 20's or earlier.
LG: What is the most important lesson you have learned through fashion?

TS: Stay true to my vision. 
Fashion changes constantly.  
It's meant to. 
 Style is forever.
In California? Register for one of Tziporah's Style Seminars.
 *Los Angeles, Sunday June 23rd from 4-6
*San Francisco, Sunday, June 30th 5-7 
Cost: $150

Learn more about her classes from this NY Magazine Article

My hats off you you Tziporah for always following your own version of FABULOUS!


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