Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fashionable? or Stylish?

Salamon wears a tasseled cloud collar from the Qing Dynasty over a 1930s Chinese coat with a 1920s straw headband and earrings made of antique ivory-and-bone Chinese game pieces. Photo by Martin Scott Powell,

Do you consider yourself to be Fashionable? or Stylish? or both? Do you recognize a distinction between the two?

I just read this article from Collectors Weekly on the most Stylish and fascinating woman, Tziporah Salamon. Shes a frequent style flyer on the Advanced Style Blog and a fascinating fixture riding around around New York City on her turquoise Bianchi bike.
She told Collector's Weekly "I’m not fashionable at all; I’m stylish. Fashionable is of the moment. Fashionable is the latest Prada, Gucci, or whatever is “in” this minute, and I rarely have what’s in-the-moment. In fact, when I buy new clothes, which I do, the more you can’t tell who it is, the better. I’ll never wear something with someone’s initials or name on it."
This woman is seriously a walking piece of art and SO INSPIRING! She is 63 and truly a style icon! I love how she is so serious about her looks and carefully curates each one as if she is curating a museum exhibition. She mused "I work on the outfits as I go along, and I don’t wear the outfit until it’s totally complete." (Source)
I look forward to an opportunity to chat with her directly about her affinity for fashion and feature her as a Style Maven! She said she has an 80:20 ratio for Vintage/Antique pieces to Current.  I love that the majority of her closet is Vintage, Unique pieces. We have the same philosophy at Evolution Vintage the re-styling of fashion's past!

Do you consider yourself Stylish? or Fashionable?
Explain in the comments below!

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