Thursday, February 13, 2014

Special Miracles

The special miracle of a mom, Sabrina Moyer started a Down Syndrome digital community following the birth of her son Colton, called Special Miracles. She explained, "After Colton was born I made a resolution to myself and to him; that I would become his strongest advocate, and his devoted ally." 

This community has grown to well over 135,000 people and she has also created a digital magazine featuring images, stories, information and topics relating to Down Syndrome and Parenting. The Special Miracles Magazine is intended to promote the support, love and respect for all individuals with Down syndrome.
 The goal is to provide awareness and celebrate the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.

Today the second issue of the digital magazine, Special Miracles went LIVE! inside you will find an article I wrote about an encounter with a stranger, my son Blake and a 'Brave' Mom (p. 20)
in digital form for $1.99
Subscribe to all 12 issues for $19.99
OR order a card copy for $14.99 plus tax/shipping.

You should subscribe, you never know who's beautiful face will grace the cover.

Join other 135,000 parents, siblings, family and friends of those with Down Syndrome on the Special Miracles FACEBOOK page 

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